On the front line with Kiev protesters

Since November last year Ukraine’s capital Kiev has been shaken with protesters reacting to their President reversing a trade deal with Russia. Over time this has steadily escalated leaving hundreds protesting at the centre of Kiev not far from the parliament buildings. Rubber tyres burn brightly in the night sky, tear gas spreads through the air, it’s not for the faint hearted especially for a journalist reporting.

N24 Germany’s leading news station manages to report from the front line interviewing protesters regarding the situation. They are using the Quicklink Windows Live which has proven to be easy to use and the setup leaves the team mobile, Technical Operations Support Engineer Peter Dransfeld from N24 explains:

“In Kiev we have an Explorer 700 BGAN antenna with an HP Windows laptop and a Sony PMW-200 camera. With this setup we can send live direct transmissions from the demonstration on the Majdan with interviews with some protesters. We are very flexible in changing the location.”

The Windows Live software is capable of producing superb picture quality over a wide range of network connections from 64K upwards; these include Sat Phones, Satellite DSL, SDL, ADSL WiFi, 3G/4G, ISDN, VSAT and Ka Band. In the field, the live software offers the best in class quality with automatic features such as automatic bandwidth detection and adjustment that will choose the best speed profile to suit the available network conditions. The sender is fully informed of their transmission data on a simple, easy to read interface.

To complete the Live Solution, Quicklink offers a Live only Playout Server or a combined Store and Forward/Live Playout Server. The servers are offered as High Definition or Standard Definition, 2U Rack Mounted or portable options.

About N24

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