quicklink talkback app for android

Android meets IFB Talkback

Quicklink are proud to announce and unveil a new and free downloadable app from the Google Play store. The IFB Talkback app is now available for Android phones as well as the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The Quicklink IFB app is essential for the journalist who wants to become more flexible and mobile in the field. With its easy interface and touch screen options the user can receive up to 12 channels of return audio. The Quicklink IFB Talkback App is simple to operate allowing the user or studio to choose between selections of return audio channels according to field operational requirements.

The Key benefits over other IFB solutions is the flexibility to switch to alternative IFB audio within the same device with no delay, the IFB server can be configured to the delivery of different audio and different data rates on each of the 12 channels.

A web based user friendly interface on the IFB server allows the user to create accounts easily, and manage the KHz and Data rate of each channel.

Designed to tie in with Quicklink’s range of broadcast tools, the Quicklink IFB Talkback application is ideally suited for the broadcast industry, as well as additional uses in government, military, CCTV, emergency services, NGO’s and others.

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