Quicklink incorporates Zendesk to improve customer relationships

With over 13 years’ experience in the broadcasting sector, Quicklink has constantly improved on its products and services delivering consistent quality and reliability. We have always been commended for our technical support from our customers and now Quicklink is refining how it answers your requests by incorporating Zendesk into the system.

Zendesk is a customer services platform. It has been designed by companies that want to focus on customer relationships. By using this platform, Quicklink can supply you with great one to one support resulting in a much thorough engagement that is more targeted, productive and personal.

It does not matter if you’re a current Quicklink customer, anyone can sign up and log into the Quicklink helpdesk portal and start viewing FAQ’s and announcements. By emailing or using the customer portal you will be assigned a ticket number which allows you to view Quicklink’s progress with your problem. Your companies’ requests and enquiries can also be viewed simultaneously.

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