Thursday 27 November – Quicklink Video Distribution Services have announced that the latest release of the Quicklink hardware encoders include full BGAN HDR integration and control directly from the encoder. The encoders also include optimisation on both quality and latency when used in conjunction with an Inmarsat BGAN terminal.

The Inmarsat integration is available on all of the Quicklink hardware encoders which includes The Quicklink Mini, 1U Encoder, Merlin and the new Midi Backpack. Users can now control BGAN HDR terminals directly from the encoder GUI or alternatively via the remote interface through any mobile or tablet device. This allows the users to request 256 Kbps, BGAN X-Stream, half and full channel asymmetric and symmetric BGAN HDR profiles.

Quicklink has over 11 years’ experience of providing optimised solutions for the satellite industry and the latest developments demonstrate the increased resilience and performance that has been achieved.

Martin Turner, Director of Media, Inmarsat, said:

“Making technology as simple to use as possible is a key priority for Inmarsat so we are delighted that Quicklink has invested in achieving this. This partnership is fundamental to meeting the needs of media users and enabling them to fulfil the demands placed upon them.” 

About Inmarsat

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