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Quicklink, the leading provider of quality broadcast solutions has launched a new high quality broadcast solution incorporating the Microsoft Skype TX software and SD/HD-SDI hardware components available from Blackmagic Design. The solution is sold by Quicklink under the brand, Quicklink TX.

This ground-breaking development sees the Skype software meet the stringent standards of a studio-grade solution for the network broadcasting industry. The Quicklink TX has been specifically designed to enrich broadcast and media programming by seamlessly integrating any Skype user, anywhere in the world.

The hardware has been developed by Quicklink and manufactured in the UK. The inclusion of Decklink capture and playback cards from Blackmagic Design allows SD/HD-SDI video output/input with embedded audio. The unit will be powered by the new Skype TX software to offer fully optimised integration into any professional studio environment.

Skype has been used extensively over the world in high profile news, media and entertainment programmes over the last three years.  The Skype TX development combines full-frame Skype video with audio via SDI. It is completely responsive for the ultimate user experience, empowering a single operator to control multi-channel calls with a direct HD-SDI Skype feed into any graphics package.  It also offers a cost effective option for outside broadcast integration.

Importantly, Skype TX delivers auto aspect ratio conversion and is free of audio/visual distractions such as call notification and adverts.  The new solution also offers auto fall back to stills.

Further information can be found here.

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