SNG Broadcast

On 18th September 2014 crowds of people were waiting for the final results of the Scottish Referendum both on the streets of Scotland and outside the Houses of Parliament in London.

There were numerous camera crews on standby in both locations broadcasting the event as it unfolded. Filming in such congested areas is extremely difficult when there is such a demand for high quality, low latency broadcasting of live interviews and debates,

Jeff Williams, a freelance cameraman/editor working with TV2 Denmark required a seamless transmission to be used over the Ka band network.Therefore, leading up to the Scottish referendum Jeff used the Quicklink 1U Encoder for UK national broadcasters and on also on the final results day with TV2 Denmark.

Sharon Howells from Quicklink said

“With enhanced bonding algorithms, the Quicklink 1U Encoder offers flexibility and resilience with the bonding capability of 3G/4G technology. Being further optimised for Ka band with features such as Adaptive/ Resilient Mode, Jeff was able to produce a quality and reliable broadcast for TV2 Denmark.”

The Quicklink 1U Encoder is a perfect solution for use over the Ka band network. Along with its 12v power the 1U encoder can also be installed in a 19” rack, which is ideal for both smaller outside broadcasting vans and larger SNG trucks.

Jeff Williams told Quicklink:

Using the Quicklink 1U Encoder, I was able to be centrally located in Parliament Square. I used the 1U encoder for a full 2 days”. He adds “The quality of the picture used over Ka band was excellent. The Quicklink encoder worked seamlessly for the entire engagement.”

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