Friday (24th July) saw the official visit of the American President Barack Obama to the city of Nairobi in Kenya. Obama is to address the Global Entrepreneurship Summit and views on Kenya as a strategic economic and security partner for the United States. This will be Obamas fourth appointment to Africa since becoming US president, but his first to Kenya, his father’s birthplace, since taking office in 2009.

To capture the event live KTN has dispatched 4 Quicklink cellular bonding backpacks and Indigo Telecom Limited have just installed The Quicklink TX in KTN’s television broadcast studio in Nairobi.

Collins M’mudi, Broadcast Systems Manager for KTN explains why they have chosen to use the Quicklink Backpacks for the event:

“We have been using Quicklink bonded cellular backpacks for a number of years. The backpacks can be easily deployed and the bandwidth achieved by joining the 8 cellular connections gives a stable and reliable platform for transmitting a live video feed to our production studio for broadcast. This is a very efficient and cost effective way of receiving good quality live content.”

Quicklink Technical Sales Manager Luke Griffiths explains the success KTN have had in using the Quicklink equipment and what to expect from ‘The Quicklink TX’:

“KTN have always been able to produce quality live broadcasts whilst using our technology. The Quicklink Backpack is the perfect solution for capturing live breaking news. The recent installation of the Quicklink TX designed in partnership with Microsoft will now give KTN access to any video-enabled Skype device giving unrivaled access to live content. I expect to see some very engaging live interviews as of the ease this software will bring a remote guests into a live production.”

The Quicklink Backpack and the Quicklink TX is a “must have” for any broadcaster. For more information please visit or contact local Kenyan Quicklink partner Indigo Telecom Limited.

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