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Quicklink Video Distribution Services was relied on recently to provide a broadcast encoding solution for the JP Morgan Challenge Run. The 23rd annual J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge painted Frankfurt with a sea of brightly coloured t-shirts as 70,239 participants ran and walked in what is the largest race in the world thus far this year. The large turnout meant 253,000 Euro was donated to the German Sport Aid Foundation and the German Disabled Youth Foundation.

Tividoo, based in Langenlonsheim, had two vehicles for the event, each equipped with the Ka-Sat Satellite solution. The Ka-Sat car was equipped with the Quicklink 1U rack mount encoder which transmitted live real time video using the Ka Band network to a second vehicle located at the main event at Opernplatz in Frankfurt. The live stream was then able to be viewed on the JP Morgan website.

With the Quicklink encoder and playout server it was possible for us to transmit a full HD signal from one KA Sat Terminal to another, without any high latency issues” said Tobias Gramm CEO of Tividoo. “It’s a perfect combination to stay cost effective in comparison to wireless video links.”

The Quicklink 1U encoder offers cost effective bonding combined with simplicity and ease of use. With enhanced bonding algorithms the Quicklink 1U Encoder offers flexibility and resilience. Satellite Optimisation and Adaptive Mode on advanced software ensures that the encoder offers reliability and robust performance by compensating for any satellite degradation.

The Quicklink 1U encoder is ideal for SNG truck mounting and due to its shallow footprint and 12v power, this encoder can be installed into the smallest 19”racks. The 1U Encoder is HEVC software upgradeable and works seamlessly with the full range of existing Quicklink systems and solutions. The encoder also automatically detects and remote controls the BGAN HDR terminals.

We will now recommend all our customers to use Quicklink for sat-to-sat transmissions.” Tobias Gramm CEO of Tividoo

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