DPSJ with Skype TX

The Quicklink TX has been used with great success at numerous high profile events within Tokyo.

Recent events include a private seminar hosted by DPSJ where guests from Wowza Media Systems LLC and a guest from Fukuoka were able to join the trade discussions. Koji Inoue from DPSJ explains;

The presenter from Fukuoka was unable to visit Tokyo on the day of the seminar because of his schedule, so we decided to use the Quicklink TX in order to connect him. He was able to appear in front of the audience from his home town and was able to join the live discussion in real time. It was very successful and the audience really enjoyed it.”

Koji further explains the setup for the seminar;

The remote guest presenter used his Mac laptop with the inbuilt web camera and a headset. The output from the TX unit was viewed via HDMI on a 42” HD TV at the seminar. It was really easy to set up and operate”.

The Quicklink TX is a simple plug and play machine enabling professional reception or transmission of Skype calls through the SDI/HDMI interface. As the Quicklink TX receives from any Skype video-enabled device this can give broadcasters unrivalled access to 300 million monthly connected skype users.

During the seminar, DPSJ also utilised Quicklink’s software solution called Bondio™.  Bondio™ improves the bandwidth by bonding a combination of internet connections together to create one super connection. This allows the solution to be optimised even with lossy networks in order to produce a single stable, high quality transmission. This revolutionary software is available free of charge for a limited period with the purchase of the Quicklink TX.

The Quicklink TX has also been presented recently at the Qshu Broadcasting Equipment Exhibition – QBee 2015 by DPSJ.