The Rugby World Cup 2015 is at its peak, gathering one of the largest TV audiences.  This year, eNCA (eNews Channel Africa) are covering the Rugby 2015 World Cup, broadcasting live from the UK to their South African audience.  The eNCA crew have been using the Quicklink Midi Backpack, a portable uplink transmission system, to send live interviews from both team players and fans back to their studio in Cape Town.

Their recent broadcast involved reporting live before, during and after the Wales vs South Africa quarter final match. Reporters Percivale Young and Natalie Powell (below) sent live footage using the Quicklink Midi Backpack outside the Twickenham stadium following Wales’s heartbreak defeat to South Africa.


Sean Thomas, Broadcast Deliveries Manager for eNCA explains why they have been using the Midi Backpack to cover the Rugby World Cup

“We have come to rely heavily on the Quicklink solutions for fast news coverage. Using the Quicklink Midi Backpack at the UK Stadiums have given us the opportunity to become more mobile and get fan reactions from just about anywhere. Our correspondent, Natalie Powell, was making use of public transport, and the Midi was the obvious choice for quick effective live crossings.”

 Sean added:

Excellent quality has been achieved averaging between 4 and 10mbps upload speeds, many of which are comparable to SNG van crossings.”

Designed to be the most lightweight, portable uplink encoder, with 8 integrated high gain modems and a large touchscreen, the highly resilient Midi Backpack has enabled broadcasters such as eNCA to deliver high-quality live video from anywhere, at any time. eNCA used Sony EX3 cameras for lives, previews, fan interviews and post-match crossings outside the stadiums.

Quicklink Sales Manager, Luke Griffiths comments on the broadcasters use of the unit;

eNCA have been using Quicklink bonded cellular backpacks for a number of years. They can be easily deployed and the bandwidth achieved by joining the 8 cellular connections, haVE given them a stable and reliable platform for transmitting a live video feed to their production studio in Cape Town.

The encoder has also been upgraded to the HEVC/H.265 codec, which further benefits users with reduced bandwidth costs and the ability to deliver HD content over limited bitrate connections.

Reflecting on the transmission Sean Thomas explains:

“The result of the live transmissions meant that we have international and immediate presence at the rugby world cup, following the South African fans and team.”

The Quicklink Midi Backpack is part of a live broadcasting workflow and selection of other Quicklink live encoders. For more information visit the Quicklink website: