Tunisia TV also called El Wataniya is owned and operated by ERTT. One of the channel’s most iconic programme is the political talkshow “International Issues”. Tunisia TV has recently used the Quicklink TX to bring remote contributors into the debate and discuss political issues.

The Quicklink TX enabled live interviews with two guests located in Germany and Geneva. Moncef Khemiri, Engineer at Tunisia TV explains why they have chosen the TX:

“The unit was able to provide us a professional quality Skype broadcast that we previously were unable to achieve with live interviews.”

The Quicklink TX is a video call management system designed for use in broadcast studios and other professional environments. The Quicklink TX enables to send or receive Skype calls as SD/HD SDI or HDMI video with embedded or balanced analogue audio. The system provides accessibility to distant participants so they can contribute live from any Skype enabled device, which greatly reduces production costs.

In this Tunisia TV production, remote guests took part in the political debates on the G7 Summit in Germany and the Syrian conflict. Moncef expressed his enthusiasm over the newly integrated Quicklink TX:

“The quality of the Quicklink TX is good. It’s a cost effective solution for the TV station as satellite transmission costs can be high in comparison.”

Moncef continues:

“The Quicklink TX is easy to use, which is good as we plan to use the Quicklink TX on a regular basis.”

For more information regarding the Quicklink TX please contact the Quicklink sales department on +44 1792 720880 or email sales@quicklink.tv