The Quicklink TX Multi

Designed in partnership with Microsoft, the TX is a Skype video call management system – now allowing multiple calls within a single hardware unit. 

Available in three options:

  • The Quicklink TX Multi – Multi call, single output HDMI/SDI/Analogue video and audio I/O
  • The Quicklink TX Multi Quad – Multi call, Multiple simultaneous SD/HD-SDI I/O
  • The Quicklink TX Multi Xstream – Scalable Multi call, Multiple simultaneous SD/HD-SDI I/O

The Quicklink TX Multi brings one or multiple callers into the studio/HQ without the need for additional rack space or cables. The Multi unit can be used for conference calling for live talk show broadcasts, productions, events, training, in-house team meetings and much more. The Multi unit can be used in a range of industries where two-way audio and video are required which will enable your workflow to become more streamlined and reliable.

We’re proud of our work with Quicklink to offer this flexible, scalable and cost effective solution that minimizes the control room footprint to broadcasters.” – says Eugene Ho, Partner Director of Product Management for Skype.

“In partnership with Microsoft, Quicklink has developed the multi-call management system into one hardware unit to serve the requirements of the live broadcasting industry. As a British company we have welcomed the continued opportunity to work with Microsoft on these innovative solutions and look forward to continued success”  says Richard Rees, Quicklink CEO.

For more information regarding the Quicklink TX speak to a member of the sales department on + 44 1792 720880 or email sales@quicklink.tv

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