QL Tx Enterprise large

The latest TX from Quicklink is a recently released solution that enables professional reception and transmission of multiple Skype video calls through multiple SDI interfaces. The Xstream is equipped with dual Xeon multi core processors allowing management of up to eight simultaneous full frame HD two way Skype calls.

The multiple incoming Skype calls can be queued and the studio can communicate with each caller or with a group of callers using Quicklink’s proprietary IFB return audio. The Xstream also offers the studio the ability to insert overlay graphics such as “on air” notification or a company logo on the return callers Skype video. Both IFB and overlay can be manually, GPI or API controlled.


The system is specifically designed for live transmission with both redundancy and resilience. The dual power supply, raided swappable front loading drives and system monitoring with alert notification via SMS/SNMP/email offers peace of mind.

The system is optimised to improve call quality including automatic or manual colour correction per channel. This is ideal when receiving Skype video from callers with poor background lighting setup. An auto fall back to a still image with continued priority to audio is another essential feature when using Skype in a professional environment.

The system supports both Dante/AES67 and NDI I/O, thus ensuring seamless IP workflow integration.

Eugene Ho, Partner Director of Product Management for Skype says: “We’re proud of our work with Quicklink to offer this flexible, scalable and cost effective solution that minimizes the control room footprint to broadcasters.”

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