The Kiss Kiss network is a group consisting of local, regional and nationwide radio. The network based in Naples recently added Kiss Kiss TV and KissKissNapoli TV both in DVB-T channel and web TV. Kiss Kiss is predominately social media oriented with more than 1 milion social interactions. Moreover Kiss Kiss is the official radio and TV of the Napoli football team.

Kiss Kiss TV needed to create easy accessible interview links with actors, singers, journalists and indeed with Napoli football players, coach and their managers. That’s why when Enrico Pietrosanti, the Italian Quicklink distributor, introduced Quicklink TX, the system that creates broadcast ready Skype content, Kiss Kiss TV realised immediately that they had found a uniquely powerful system to meet their needs.

The Quicklink TX is installed in the main studio of Kiss Kiss TV with direct SDI output to the video mixer. The audio output is used for Kiss Kiss TV but is also used for Kiss Kiss Radio when simultaneously broadcasting both radio and TV.

We rely on the Quicklink TX to report the Napoli football interviews in preparation for the new football season. Interviews and live video reporting has never been easier” says Mr Antonio Niespolo, Kiss Kiss General Manager. “Even talk shows with remote contributors is now very easy to set up”.


The Quicklink TX is now available as a multi call system where up to 4 simultaneous live Skype calls may be output to SD/HD-SDI. Kiss Kiss are already thinking to expand their Quicklink setup in order to maximise their live contribution worflow capacity.


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