government police and security

Transmission Method

There was no consistent reliable 3G/4G /Wireless networks in the area to support live streaming and video file transfer.


Video Reception

A decoding Live and recorded media solution was required in the command control center.


The solution from Quicklink consisted of:

Live Media uplink encoding solution in a moving car with camera

  • The Quicklink 1U Encoder QTY 8
  • PathfinderIR, Fixed Cameras   QTY 8
  • Thuraya IP Connectivity and Accessories


Live /Recorded Video from mobile locations

  • Store & Forward / Live LNG Software QTY 5
  • Windows PC Laptops QTY 5
  • DV Firewire Cameras QTY 5
  • Thuraya IP Connectivity and Accessories


Video Reception

Quicklink Enterprise Playout Server


Output monitor SDI/HDMI Television

The above solution allows the security forces the ability to receive live video from both mobile locations and moving vehicles from areas where there is no reliable mobile internet connection. The broadcast quality live video and recorded footage is viewed at the control center with SDI Monitors.

Solution Diagrams

Live Encoding Software Solution

Live Encoding software solution

Live Newsgathering

Quicklink merlin bonded connection