pedal east

Case Study

1. What is Pedal East about?

Pedal East was a 464 mile charity bike ride from the most western point of mainland England to the most eastern point that we achieved in just 3 days. Apart from it being a physical challenge it’s also a big part of the publicity to help with the Everest Million Campaign.


2. Why use the Merlin Backpack?

We wanted to connect our followers live in real time to the journey. There is a really exciting and important element in getting people to feel like they are with us, to see our joy, to see the pain and the misery and to just be part of a team.
Also we needed a system that would give us a reliable stable picture. We used the Quicklink Backpack for 12 + hours a day and traveling through remote rural areas.


3. How has the Merlin video impacted your audience?

The video helped our friends and family connect with us, but we also reached a lot of people who didn’t know us. When people actually saw us actually cycling in the rain in real time, when they actually physically saw what we were going through, it inspired people to donate.
Afterwards, when I looked on the donations list I saw people who didn’t know us but they had seen us through the BBC interviews. They could track our journey, they could see the countryside, the villages, the environment that we were cycling through and this made an amazing additional element to the campaign.


4. Is there anything that has stood out from using the Backpack?

The best thing for me about the Merlin is that it’s so portable you can bring other people into your world and it’s completely mobile and for me it’s incredibly easy to use as well, it was literally 2 buttons click and we were transmitting and then you can leave it. It was as easy to use as I wanted it to be.
Overall there were times when I was cycling and I was just the happiest man on the planet even though I had just cycled 464 miles, just to see 40 cyclists all in a big group with the Quicklink Merlin streaming kit, it was absolutely flawless, it was just very, very special. The Merlin showed the preparation and the team talk, you just capture so much more than just words or a picture. It has inspired me to use the backpack again, perhaps use it in a live training session with some GB rowers for a Comic Relief night.


5. Transmitting in 3G…

It worked brilliantly, the data rates we were getting through were incredible and that statistically as I thought the 3 mobile sims that we used were really good. Every time I turned the Merlin on the picture was flawless.
I have been doing a lot of things with the BBC using the Quicklink software and I have been amazed by the quality of the footage that is streamed using Quicklink.


6. In the future…

My mind is always going about 1000 miles an hour all the time, so I am always looking for opportunities to expose a campaign to use clever technology and I am definitely keen on using the Merlin in our future projects.

To follow Daniel on his adventures and learn more about the Everest Million campaign and events go to and donate.

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