Scottish TV benefits from quality Store and Forward transmissions

Quicklink equipment has featured highly at a number of high profile events, most recently the London Olympics and Torch Relay.

scottish tv.

“When the Olympic flame was traveling around the UK and coming up to Scotland and traveling down the western isles, the cameraman was there to film the event” says Bill Shand of Scottish Tv.

STV was able to transmit the Olympic torch footage through Quicklink Store and Forward, compress it, and send the small files back to base through the Inmarsat BGAN making the transfer faster and more cost effective, resulting in no loss of quality.

“The benefit is we get the material back to base quickly. If you consider the way we used to film the event ,wait for an aircraft flight…the whole process would have taken 5-6 hours. Whereas with Quicklink we have broadcast quality materials back in our studio within an hour, that’s the benefit, the speed.”

Bill Shand , Technical Resources Supervisor  of STV explains We use Store and forward on a daily basis: We have 9 to 10 clients in operation based around the more remote geographical areas of Scotland. We tend to use Quicklink Store & Forward in places like Shetland, on the outer reaches of the Scottish mainland where we don’t tend to base a cameraman there all the time, we tend to use stringers with Quicklink encoders and then they just code it up there and then.”

The Quicklink Store and Forward LNG solution is a simple to use MAC or Windows based system which has been optimised to be used both in the bureau and on location. The video is filmed on camera, edited and transferred to the receiving studio using Quicklink’s Store and Forward software. The Store & Forward software compresses and transmits the data reducing the file size by 93% for a broadcast quality transmission. This reduction in file size reduces operating costs and ensures that the file is received in the fastest possible time. The Quicklink solution is used daily by hundreds of journalists globally in the field because it provides an easy solution for transferring data even in the most remote areas.

The added benefits of the solution is that incomplete transmitted files can be played to air and even broadcast quality footage can appear as live to air whilst the recorded file is being received at the studio.

With Quicklink’s partnership with File Catalyst , the additional options of HTTP , UDP and up to 7 parallel FTP all serve to offer a complete file transfer system for broadcasters.


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