Based in Ultimo, Australia, Pittard offers real estate training, courses and seminars for its members. They also operate Pittard TV, a live online broadcast network for real estate professionals in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. The Quicklink TX has been used for live interviews to help generate video and audio content for their channel.


Pittard previously had their interviewee sat at home on their webcam. Pittard took control of their desktop by using an IP link, which was operated through their production switcher. They had to lead interviewees through the process of setting up, making it very time consuming. Gary Pittard, Director of the company explains:

 “… many of our interviewees are not tech savvy so that adds an extra complexity for us doing the interview. We found out that the majority of our customers use Skype and that Skype TX would make it easier. So, choosing and using the Quicklink TX is so much simpler.”


Pittard chose the Quicklink TX as they wanted to expand their production and have the option to send or receive professional quality Skype calls.

“We found from our research that Quicklink technology was being used by top companies such as the BBC, and the price of the TX was very fair and reasonable compared to others” mentions Gary.

“The sales team acted quickly to our questions, which resulted in us placing an order and the Quicklink TX arriving in Australia 4 days later.”

Pittard recently used the Quicklink TX to complete a live interview with Bob Burg, a writer based in the USA who called the channel using his Skype enabled device. The setup was very simple for Pittard, who used a presenter in front of a green screen with a professional video camera, 2 microphones, teleprompter, production switcher and a Quicklink TX. The unit also has the added advantage of being ultra-quiet which allows Pittard to carry out their interviews in the same studio without audio disruption.



Pittard, will carry-on using the Quicklink TX for their live interviews. Gary explains,

“The result of the live transmission was very intuitive and easy to use. It has also made our production workflow a lot faster.”

“Everyone should know that Quicklink is extremely pleasant to deal with. The sales team were very prompt providing a lot of useful information. The more I deal with Quicklink the more I feel justified in recommending others to buy the Quicklink TX.”

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