The Quicklink 1U Encoder

This page contains all the information and downloads related to your Quicklink 1U Encoder product.

This encoder offers cost effective bonding combined with simplicity and ease of use. With enhanced bonding algorithms the Quicklink 1U Encoder offers flexibility and resilience. Satellite Optimisation and Adaptive Mode on our advanced software ensures that the encoder offers reliability and robust performance by compensating for any satellite degradation. The encoder also automatically detects and remote controls the BGAN HDR terminals. Ideal for SNG truck mounting and due to its shallow footprint and 12v power, this encoder can be installed into the smallest 19”racks. The 1U Encoder is HEVC software upgradeable and works seamlessly with the full range of existing Quicklink systems and solutions.

The Quicklink 1U Encoder Manual PDF, 3MB
The Quicklink 1U Encoder Quick Start Guide PDF, 286KB
The Quicklink 1U Encoder Release Notes PDF, 311KB

The Quicklink 1U Encoder Diagram Solution



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