The Quicklink Mini

This page contains all the information and downloads related to your Quicklink Mini.

The Quicklink Mini offers a high-quality video uplink solution for live newsgathering and online coverage of events. With a 15 secs boot time, it has been designed to meet the needs of broadcasters who are constantly on the move. Weighing at less than 750grams, the Mini provides portability and flexibility. The Mini Encoder has optimised profiles to be used on the satellite networks and automatically adjusts resolution to maximize quality. Automatic detection and direct remote control of the BGAN HDR terminal ensures the encoder is simple to operate.

The Quicklink Mini Manual  PDF 3.27MB
The Quicklink Mini Quick Start Guide  PDF 318KB
The Quicklink Mini Release Notes  PDF 332KB
The Quicklink Mini Brochure PDF 386KB


The Quicklink Mini Solution