The Quicklink Windows Bonded Live

This page contains all the information and downloads related to the Windows Bonded Live.

Bonded Live for Windows offers a functionally rich, cost effective, portable and flexible software solution to broadcast live video.

Combining the latest bonding technology with the latest video codec – HEVC/H.265. The software bonds together multiple available networks such as 3G/4G/Wi-Fi, Satellite, ADSL etc, in order to improve the speed and reliability of the internet network.

The following capture devices have been tested with the Quicklink Bonded Live Software

  • UltraStudio Mini Recorder – For capturing SDI and HDMI video to Thunderbolt
  • UltraStudio Express – For capturing SDI, HDMI and Analog video to Thunderbolt
  • UltraStudio SDI – For capturing SDI and HDMI video to USB 3.0

The capture devices requires the Blackmagic Design drivers 10.1.4 to be installed on your computer.

Download the BlackMagic Driver

The Quicklink Windows Bonded Live Manual PDF 2 MB
The Quicklink Windows Bonded Live Release Notes PDF 376KB
The Quicklink Windows Bonded Live Software EXE 229MB