enca shrien dewani trial merlin backpack


Like the Oscar Pistorius case, the Shrien Dewani murder trial is a major news story and the details have gripped the world. When the trial begins in October 2014 all eyes will be on South Africa and the live footage as the event unfolds.



Due to the location of the courtroom it has become difficult for SNG trucks to be stationed close by, making it a challenge to cover the news as it breaks.

eNCA, one of South Africa’s leading channels, realised the problems and required an immediate solution. They wanted a mobile solution, one that would allow their journalists to navigate the congestion as well as filming satellite quality live video at a moment’s notice.



Quicklink provided eNCA with a Quicklink Merlin Backpack, the perfect solution for mobile live video.

Peter Watling from Quicklink says;

“The Quicklink Merlin Backpack is the perfect solution for capturing live breaking news from the most hostile areas. With unrivalled quality and stability Broadcasters now realise the ever increasing potential to capture previously inaccessible footage.”

The Quicklink Merlin Backpack is the most advanced compact broadcasting solution on the market. Designed for total mobility and flexibility, it can bond up to 6 x 3G/4G SIM cards as well as Wi-Fi and satellite connections and will outperform any other system in congested areas. Using advanced algorithms, a superior codec and professional grade components the Merlin offers complete stability of transmissions with high achievable data rates. The Quicklink Merlin Backpack has also been used to cover many breaking news stories including the Oscar Pistorius trial where it consistently provided upwards of 4Mb transmissions using a variety of 3G connections.



By using the Quicklink Merlin eNCA were able to cover all of the pre-trial build-up in the Dewani case, were mobile enough to get the stories as they broke and due to the power of the Quicklink Merlin they were able to do so with staggering results.

Sean Thomas from eNCA said:

“We needed a fast and mobile solution to cover the live shots of Dewani’s arrival at and outside of court arrival in this high profile case. The Merlin backpack proved extremely useful and reliable. From boot up to live crossing in less than 5 min, this proved the ideal solution for us.”

“The Quicklink Merlin worked extremely well with our existing Quicklink playout infrastructure and we managed really good results, with up to 10mbps upload speeds across 2 mobile networks. We have now ordered more Quicklink Merlin backpacks and look forward to using them in the field.”

eNCA were very satisfied with the solution and are already deploying the Quicklink Merlin to be used through-out Africa.

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