Hardware IP Encoding on the Ka Band Network

The need for “guaranteed” bandwidth and truly mobile satellite equipment is greater now than ever for media organisations— especially when cellular networks get congested or traditional Internet networks are not available.

Ka-band has reduced not only the size and weight of traditional Flyaway terminals, but has also substantially decreased the capital and operational costs for guaranteed broadband via satellite. Live video can be broadcast on the Ka band network for broadcast when cellular networks are not available and can be performed more affordable than traditional satellite uplinks.
Now, portable/suitcase kits or vehicle/roof-mount solutions easily enable almost all IP-based applications including live video IP encoding and file transfer.
With a camera, a hardware or a software IP encoder and a Ka-band flyaway terminal, field users are able to encode, edit, and uplink archived or real-time video. When utilising the latest Satellite-IP modems and regional KA-band service – guaranteed bandwidth speeds up to 10Mbps can be achieved for live IP video encoding.

Quicklink offers a custom hardware encoder that is optimised for transmission over the Ka–Sat network. The hardware includes inbuilt bonding technology with the option of added back up and resilience combined with the LTE, ADSL or Wi-Fi Networks. The Quicklink 1U Encoder also offers an upgrade to the HEVC video codec.

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