Quicklink Video Distribution Services have recently announced the launch of Bondio™, a software solution available free for a limited period with the purchase of the Quicklink TX. The Quicklink TX is a professional broadcasting solution that includes SD/HD SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs.
Bondio™ delivers improved bandwidth by bonding a combination of internet connections together to create one super connection. Internet connections such as Wi-Fi, 3G/4G USB dongles, WiMAX and Ethernet can be automatically bonded together allowing for a single stable, high quality transmission.
Alternatively, if you only have a single connection and experience multiple packet loss whilst sending media, Bondio’s unique Forward Error Correction (FEC) algorithm can compensate for data packet loss protecting the packets and increasing the reliability of the network connection.
The Quicklink Bondio™ is available with the purchase of the Quicklink TX. The Quicklink TX is a robust 1U hardware, designed for use in television production studios and other professional environments that enables reception or transmission of Skype calls as SD/HD-SDI or HDMI video with embedded or balanced analogue audio, providing the best call quality available in an HD video format.
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ČT24 have recently chosen the Quicklink TX solution in order to broadcast quality Skype transmissions within the Czech television channels group – Česká televize. ČT24 is the first and only Czech television which provides 24-hour news coverage and it is the most watched 24-hour news television in Europe.


Martin Roztočil IT manager of Czech TV describes the reasons for choosing the Quicklink TX:

It is very simple to use. We had a great experience using the Quicklink LNG software, so we wanted to try another product from Quicklink. We were looking for another Skype product because we were using standalone PCs with the standard Skype client. So there was a PC, Matrox device for SDI output, external sound card… a lot of devices and lot of potential errors……. Now we have only one 1U piece of hardware


Quicklink TX is a device designed for use in Television production studios and other professional environments that enables you to send Skype calls as SD/HD-SDI video with embedded or balanced analogue audio, providing exceptional call quality in HD video format


Martin explains:

It’s been really easy to use. The Quicklink TX has given us better call management as a broadcaster, including the ability to switch resolutions on the output and improved return audio sound“


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The satellite company has certified a new application for use on its network.

Inmarsat has certified the Quicklink TX solution for use over its network.

Announced as part of the Inmarsat Certified Application Partner (CAP) programme, the service allows broadcast quality video and audio to be transmitted when using Skype across Inmarsat’s Broadband Global Area Network.

The integrated hardware and software solution is aimed at broadcasters, producers, engineers and studio managers, allowing them to manage Skype when used for broadcasting purposes.

However, the certification extends the potential market reach for this type of solution to other sectors including Aid, eHealth, eLearning and Energy.

This is the latest stage in the CAP strategy to establish relationships with application and solution providers. In January, Inmarsat hosted developers in London to discuss potential uses of its network.

“Exposing our network to a wider group of technology partners creates an environment of innovation that will lead to tailored solutions for our Enterprise sectors,” said Nadeem Khan, Head of Enterprise Applications Enablement, Market Strategy and Development, Inmarsat.

He added: “Quicklink TX is a perfect example of a solution that, when combined with our network, adds significant value for our customers.”

Martin Turner, Director of Media, Enterprise Market Strategy and Development, Inmarsat, commented: “For media specifically, we want to develop solutions that support traditional newsgathering applications, while also acting as a catalyst for new ideas.

“The key driver is to deliver solutions over our seamless, global network that enable media organisations to create and distribute content in new and innovative ways.”

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david tait using quicklink mac s&f

David Tait, an NSPCC Trustee and one of the charity’s most inspiring fundraisers, has climbed Mount Everest five times in aid of the NSPCC. David has raised over £1,000,000 from his previous climbs, and is aiming for a single target of £1,000,000 for the 2015 K2 mission. Quicklink will be supporting the mission with the use of Quicklink Mac Store and Forward software transmitting high quality video/audio to the Discovery Channel.
David will be using the Quicklink Software LNG Mac Store & Forward and Inmarsat BGAN HDR in order to send recorded media back to the Discovery Channel. The Quicklink software is a simple to use solution that can be used from remote locations, even on mountain tops. The software supports both Standard and High Definition inputs and works seamlessly with editing packages such as Avid Media Composer. An audio only option and an option for raw uncompressed files to be transmitted back from the field are new additional options.
Quicklink provided David the transmission software back in 2013 when he climbed Mount Everest for an impressive fifth time and for the first time, without oxygen. David says

” The Quicklink team worked brilliantly with the NSPCC and the software was incredible. We used the software to compress and send the video back to HQ and to the web.”

David explains the benefits of using the software;

“Even for someone without a technical background I was still able to easily use the software and achieve fantastic results. Excellent Quicklink support made the overall experience very professional.”

Quicklink’s mission is to provide easy to use software and hardware solutions that enables professional broadcast media.
Over the years Quicklink has been the solution of choice for numerous broadcasters who have used the technology for various high profile projects from around the world .The software was used during the Marathon des Sables – a grueling, 256km, 6 day race in the south-Moroccan desert – recently completed by the British 71 year old, Sir Ranulph Fiennes.
David leaves for K2 on the 13th June, arriving at base camp for the 21st June. The next 3-4 weeks will be spent acclimatising and performing various climbs, including the Broad Peak Mountain. David plans to send back as much video as possible documenting his journey,

“Every video transmission will be sent via the Quicklink Store and Forward Software.”

Users can now trial the Quicklink Mac Store and Forward for free at
David is aiming for a target of £1,000,000 from the 2015 K2 mission. Please visit to receive progress updates and to make a donation.


High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is a video compression standard, a successor to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC which was jointly developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) and Video Coding Experts Group (VCEG).  HEVC offers almost double the data compression ratio compared to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC at the same level of video quality. It can alternatively be used to provide substantially improved video quality at the same bit rate.

Quicklink have recently released a version of the Quicklink Store & Forward software for MacBook that utilises this latest cutting edge technology. One of the very first customers to use this H.265 (HEVC) codec with the Quicklink Mac Store and Forward is WildCam – a production company based in South Africa. WildCam have used the Quicklink Mac H.265 (HEVC) Store and Forward with SuperSport International. SuperSport is a South African group of television channels that provides sports content in both Africa and various other countries. Various sporting events have been covered all over the world – Springbok Rugby Tours, Olympic Games, Soccer World Cup and the Rugby World Cup just to mention a few.

Rudi Nel from WildCam explains

“Quicklink is cost effective, immediate and uses the best codec to compress HD files. The quality is outstanding

The Quicklink Software LNG Mac Store & Forward solution is a simple to use system which has been optimised to be used from remote locations. The software can be used for both Standard Definition and High Definition inputs and works seamlessly with editing packages such as Avid Media Composer. An audio only option and an option for raw uncompressed files to be transmitted back from the field are new additional options.

Quicklink Head of Sales Bethan Hill adds

“The Mac Store & Forward technology is used daily by the most prestigious leading broadcasters to send recorded footage at optimum quality over the internet. The solution has been extensively utilised and relied upon in many high profile events.”

Using HEVC (H.265) on the Quicklink Mac Store and Forward, Widcam have now found a cost effective solution and are able to send professional quality broadcasts on time. Rudi Nel continues:

“The use of the Quicklink equipment is fast, reliable and delivers the best possible broadcast quality.”