Lorraine is the early weekday morning, lifestyle and entertainment show for ITV presented by Lorraine Kelly. Every Thursday, the Lorraine show features live consultation with Dr Hilary Jones where members of the public can obtain the latest health news and advice.

The Lorraine team required a solution to allow viewers to join the ‘Open Surgery’ segment to get health news and advice from Dr Hilary. One of the requirements needed by the Lorraine production team was to be able to speak to the callers through the Studio 3 Gallery Talkback system, which was made possible using the Quicklink TX Quad.

The Quicklink TX Quad allows the Loraine production team to queue up to 4 callers in a Virtual Waiting Room to speak to Dr Hilary during the ‘Open Surgery’ segment of Lorraine.

Before the production, producers send out Skype invitations to those that have pre-registered their interest on the show website. The production team are then able to line up the contributors on the Skype TX Controller management interface. John Barling of ITV explains: “Being able to professionally manage the contributors in a controlled environment is an important part of our workflow”.

Front Veiw: The Quicklink TX Quad
Front Veiw: The Quicklink TX Quad

On November 4th, Global Campus Network, a collaborative and interactive international student media network, held a live show giving an international student perspective of the potential outcome of the U.S election. For the show, a Quicklink TX Quad allowed London Southbank University to co-host the discussion alongside Ryerson University via Skype, while allowing students in eight countries around the world to join the collaborative video discussion.

The one-hour live show “From Where We Stand” examined the potential global impact of the U.S election. The show produced by international students from eight countries, discussed how the outcome of the U.S Election would ripple across the globe. The show featured stories, interviews and discussions spanning topics from international relations to media politics.

Global Campus Network required a solution to gain complete interactivity with its international educational partners. Rick Grunberg, Managing Executive Director of Global Campus Network explained: “The Quicklink TX Quad setup and connectivity made it really efficient to get everyone involved easily and effectively”.


Skype and world-renowned magazine Glamour came together for International Day of the Girl to power a live conversation and discussion between Michelle Obama and adolescent girls around the world on the importance of education. For the event, Mulberry School for Girls, a high achieving, oversubscribed and successful girls’ comprehensive school joined in on the global live conversation using the Quicklink TX Multi.

Photo by Clara Tsao (@tweetclarita)
For the conversation, Mulberry School for Girls required a high quality broadcast camera to interface with Skype. The event was watched by 75 students and the American Ambassador who were seated in the school’s theatre. It was very important that this output was displayed professionally without any other distractions. XLR audio outputs allowed Mulberry School for Girls to easily integrate with their theatre sound system. These requirements made the Quicklink TX the perfect solution.

“Mulberry School for Girls was delighted and honoured to be asked to be the United Kingdom venue for the global conversation on Women’s education on International Day of the Girl. For the event we wanted a reliable solution that would manage a high quality camera feed but also allowed the students participating in the event to have the best experience possible when watching the live stream” Christopher Stone, Theatre Technical Manager at Mulberry School for Girls.


Quicklink have released version 4.0 of the Quicklink Midi Backpack. Version 4.0 of the Quicklink Midi Backpack hosts a variety of new features and additions.

Version 4.0 of the Quicklink Midi Backpack now has a new improved, diversified antenna system, designed to improve signal strength, allowing greater available bandwidth.

The Midi Backpack now also has a new bonding algorithm. The new algorithm helps the Midi Backpack perform better on marginal 3G/4G networks, has reduced latency and is higher performing on 3G, 4G and LTE networks. Ensuring the most consistent and reliable network connection possible.

Quicklink Midi Backpack - Version 4.0
Quicklink Midi Backpack - Version 4.0

The updated version of the Midi Backpack now has a new HEVC library codec. The new HEVC library increases picture quality with enhanced packet loss concealment. As a result, more processing power is offloaded onto the GPU, resulting in reduced power usage which in-turn results in a longer battery life.

A Store and Forward file transfer feature has also been added into Version 4.0. The Store and Forward feature allows for offline encoding and transmission for later transfer when a network becomes available.


What is the Quicklink Midi Backpack?

The Quicklink Midi Backpack is a modern day mobile encoder that incorporates all the functionality required to broadcast live video from any location. Designed for performance and portability, the Backpack transmits broadcast quality, low latency live video over IP from the most challenging of network locations. The encoder can simultaneously bond 15+ connections including Wi-Fi, USB and Satellite to create the most consistent and reliable connection.

For more information regarding the Quicklink Midi Backpack and other Quicklink solutions, speak to a member of the sales department on +44 1792 720880 or email sales@quicklink.tv.

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eNCA is a 24-hour television news broadcaster that focuses on South African and African content. After launching in June 2008, eNCA become the country’s first 24-hour television news service.

On 3rd August 2016, eNCA covered the South African municipal elections. This was held to elect councils for all district, metropolitan and local municipalities in each of the nine provinces of South Africa.

During this election, eNCA used Quicklink Midi Backpacks and Quicklink Mac Live software to broadcast live from 13 concurrent mobile points to millions of viewers. eNCA also used the Quicklink TX to allow journalists to establish a fast live link using Skype.


Sean Thomas, Broadcast Deliveries Manager of eNCA explains: “Quicklink fitted in with our high demand for fast deployable live solutions, and our existing infrastructure. This is why we chose this solution for the South African municipal elections”


As a result of using Quicklink solutions, eNCA were able to get to a remote location and be live-ready within minutes of setup, at a fraction of the cost, crew and time needed with SNG vans.


About eNCA

After being launched on June 1st 2008, eNCA has become South Africa’s most trusted independent TV and online news brand. Since its launch, the channel’s breaking news, live reports, sports, weather and business updates have become an indispensable source of local and international news for millions of South Africans. https://www.enca.com/


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