Quicklink, a UK based video distribution services provider has recently announced the launch of a bespoke service to customers which allows off-the-shelf Quicklink and partner products to be modified and built to individual customer specification.

Al Saeedah and eNCA are tworecent examples of how Quicklink has helped broadcasters to achieve their goals.

A bi-directional file transfer method for stored media – Al Saeedah TVAl-saeedah TV

Shahab Noaman from the Al Saeedah technical team explains; “we made contact with Quicklink as our editors required a bi-directional file transfer method for stored media from our Yemen head office to the bureaus located across the Middle East. We were already using WBBM (Web Based Broadcast Manager) so the solution was provided as a software update which was installed by a Quicklink engineer. The final solution provided the functionality we required and was very simple to use”.

Sending stored video content from a mobile phone – eNCAeNCA Channel

Sean Thomas, Broadcast Deliveries Manager for eNCA; “We required a more efficient way to send video stored on a mobile phone over the internet into our studio for news broadcasts. We use Quicklink as a preferred broadcast solutions provider but this was different as they didn’t have a product at the time on the shelf. After consultation the required solution and workflow was provided that exceeded expectations.”

Luke Griffith’s technical manager at Quicklink says “from saving money to optimising workflow, we can offer a bespoke solution that provides greater efficiency”.

To speak to Quicklink for a free consultation please email sharon.howells@quicklink.tv


gary interviewing

Pittard is Australia’s leading real estate training and development organisation, specialising in real estate courses and seminars. They have been using the Quicklink TX Skype call transceiver for live interviews to broadcast on Pittard TV. The station is an online broadcast network for real estate professionals in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Pittard’s studio set-up is very simple: a presenter in front of a green screen, with broadcast microphones, a professional video camera, connected to a teleprompter. The video and audio from the studio camera and the Quicklink TX are sent to their production switcher.

Pittard use the Skype video call management system to send and receive professional Skype calls through an SDI/HDMI interface. The unit installation in their studio was straightforward and allowed them to immediately call Skype interviewees. The Quicklink TX also has the added advantage of being ultra-quiet which allows Pittard to carry out their interviews in the same studio without audio disruption.


Gary Pittard, Director of the company explains:

“The result of the live Skype transmission was very intuitive and easy to use. It has also made our production workflow a lot faster.”

“Everyone should know that Quicklink is extremely pleasant to deal with. The sales team were very prompt providing a lot of useful information. The more I deal with Quicklink the more I feel justified in recommending others to buy the Quicklink TX.”

The Pittard Training Group will now use the Quicklink TX for all live interviews in the future which are open to all members on their iTrain portal within Pittard TV.

For more information go to https://pittard.com.au/

Create unmissable live broadcasts with the Quicklink TX



 inmarsat with Quicklink

Inmarsat’s global network enables Quicklink’s new software to deliver high-quality live video from wherever news is breaking


Inmarsat, the leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services, today announces that the Quicklink Windows Bonded Live Software is ‘ready to use’ over its global fleet of L-band satellites.

The software, from Quicklink Video Distribution Services Ltd., is designed to enable broadcasters and other media industry professionals to compress and transmit live video over the Windows® Live platform. The solution reduces the amount of equipment broadcasters need to carry, and is designed to work with multiple communications technologies, such as satellite, ADSL or cellular services, bonding them together to achieve the most stable connection possible. It also provides the option of encoding using the High Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC) H.265, which affords the same streaming quality as the previous H.264 codec, but uses almost half the bandwidth to transmit.

“The Quicklink engineering Team have developed best-in-class encoding software,” said Richard Rees, CEO of Quicklink Video Distribution Services, “with H.264 and HEVC/H.265 codec technology inbuilt to help deliver high quality live video streams. The software’s high performance bonding algorithm aggregates multiple available satellite and IP based networks, maximizing the rates of transmission to allow you to create memorable live broadcasting moments.”

The Quicklink Windows Bonded Live Software has been certified as ‘Inmarsat-ready” through Inmarsat’s Certified Application Provider (CAP) programme, a key component of Inmarsat’s open technology strategy, announced earlier this year.

Through the CAP programme, Inmarsat works with solutions providers to ensure that their products are not only compatible with our network, but provide our network users with effective, customer focused solutions that offer genuine business benefits, whether they’re using Inmarsat’s  network for voice, broadband, machine to machine connectivity or all three.

“We are pleased to certify the Quicklink Windows Bonded Live Software under the CAP programme,” said Nadeem Khan, Head of Applications Enablement, Inmarsat. “Working with talented developers and industry experts like Quicklink, and pairing their solution with our award-winning network means that we can offer our customers tailored, end-to-end communications solutions that can effectively meet their every communication challenge.”

About Inmarsat

Inmarsat plc is the leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services. Since 1979, Inmarsat has been providing reliable voice and high-speed data communications to governments, enterprises and other organizations, with a range of services that can be used on land, at sea or in the air. Inmarsat employs around 1,600 staff in more than 60 locations around the world, with a presence in the major ports and centres of commerce on every continent. Inmarsat is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE:ISAT.L). For more information, please visit www.inmarsat.com

One of the UK’s leading broadcast systems integration companies IPE Systems, has installed multiple Quicklink TX for one of the UK’s largest commercial TV networks as part of a multi-million pound project. The Quicklink TX makes use of a Skype call management system that receives and transmits broadcast-ready audio and video through a SDI and HDMI interface.

Ray Bragg, Director of IPE Systems explains why the Quicklink TX solution was selected;

“Nearly everyone in the UK will have watched TV or listened to the radio that was produced in studios built by IPE Systems. We build what people want”,

Ray continues

“If someone wants a studio with a web PC, 8 times out of 10 they say they want Skype. We now recommend the Quicklink TX because of the unique functionalities that the system offers”.

For the UK commercial TV network studio, IPE Systems produced a workflow that included 4 cameras and a Quicklink TX installed on a large video router connecting a wide range of signals/sources to the studio and ingest area. The Quicklink TX are used as a video/audio source on the local routers and the TX units can be remotely managed by the Skype TX controller application. The studio can then take a contribution piece and use it for live interviews through the studio with a clean return audio to the Skype contributor. Equally the Skype contributor can be recorded through the ingest system and edited for later playout in the evening program.

This UK commercial network is now able to send professional quality Skype videos calls using the Quicklink TX installed by IPE Systems.

For the future Ray Bragg comments on how likely the Skype based system will be implemented into more studios:

“The Quicklink TX offers a great integration to Skype and is perfect for news environments. I think it is likely that the Quicklink TX will be increasingly used by newsrooms everywhere.”

Discover the many features and benefits that makes the Quicklink TX so special by going to: http://quicklink.tv/products/quicklinktx/ 

For more information regarding this Quicklink TX Solution setup, contact IPE Systems +44 (0)1763 260621

See published post in SVG Europe: http://svgeurope.org/blog/news-roundup/ipe-systems-install-quicklink-tx-for-commercial-tv-network/

Tunisia TV also called El Wataniya is owned and operated by ERTT. One of the channel’s most iconic programme is the political talkshow “International Issues”. Tunisia TV has recently used the Quicklink TX to bring remote contributors into the debate and discuss political issues.

The Quicklink TX enabled live interviews with two guests located in Germany and Geneva. Moncef Khemiri, Engineer at Tunisia TV explains why they have chosen the TX:

“The unit was able to provide us a professional quality Skype broadcast that we previously were unable to achieve with live interviews.”

The Quicklink TX is a video call management system designed for use in broadcast studios and other professional environments. The Quicklink TX enables to send or receive Skype calls as SD/HD SDI or HDMI video with embedded or balanced analogue audio. The system provides accessibility to distant participants so they can contribute live from any Skype enabled device, which greatly reduces production costs.

In this Tunisia TV production, remote guests took part in the political debates on the G7 Summit in Germany and the Syrian conflict. Moncef expressed his enthusiasm over the newly integrated Quicklink TX:

“The quality of the Quicklink TX is good. It’s a cost effective solution for the TV station as satellite transmission costs can be high in comparison.”

Moncef continues:

“The Quicklink TX is easy to use, which is good as we plan to use the Quicklink TX on a regular basis.”

For more information regarding the Quicklink TX please contact the Quicklink sales department on +44 1792 720880 or email sales@quicklink.tv