Tune the system to your precise broadcast needs for store and forward transmission

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The Quicklink Software LNG Mac Store & Forward is a simple to use MAC based system which has been optimised to be used both whilst at home, in a bureau or on location.

The easy to follow parameter settings enable journalists and other content providers to tune the system to their precise broadcast needs for store and forward transmission. Parameter settings enable users to take account of the content type and to optimise the compression ratio to achieve the requisite broadcast quality given the available local network connectivity.


“During February of 2012 at AFCON we managed to send 270 HD stories from Equatorial Guinea and Gabon to South Africa using our hotel internet. The total saving for the broadcaster was 2 Million GBP in Satellite costs. We currently have Quicklink systems in Kenya, Nigeria, Angola, Zambia and South Africa.” Russell Belter, CEO WildCam International

Product Highlights

  • HEVC/H.265 option to encode with each profile (trial)
  • A efficient way to send recorded files
  • Over 30% more efficient than standard FTP
  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Outstanding quality even with low bandwidth
  • Optimised transfer for high latency Satellite networks providing higher throughput and savings on transmission costs
  • Enhanced send option of UDP, HTTP and up to 7 Parallel FTP
  • Batch encoding and sending of multiple files
  • Automatic switch to Active Sending
  • Customised company setting profiles available
  • Automatic format detection PAL and NTSC
  • Audio only files can be transmitted
  • Uncompressed media can be transmitted

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Why Choose The Quicklink Software Mac Store and Forward?

HEVC Enhancement –  Quicklink has launched its latest version of the Mac Store and Forward software with the installation of the HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) or also known as H.265. HEVC/H.265 is the standards-based, next-generation codec successor to H.264. It will deliver the same visual quality as H.264 at close to 50 percent of the bitrate. Quicklink have added HEVC as an extra option to encode with the Mac Store and Forward software. This will further benefit users with reduced bandwidth costs, the ability to deliver HD content to mobile devices over limited bitrate connections, faster downloads and lower storage on devices.

Advantages of using Mac S&F –  An efficient way to send recorded files. Over 30% more efficient than standard FTP: Compared to standard FTP, the software is faster using different transfer methods, with the ability to transfer in UDP. Using multiple encoding rates and the ability to add details to the clips from the sender make it more than efficient for the broadcaster. Users can now use the software to send RAW footage back to base as well as the option to transmit audio only files. The software is also optimised for Inmarsat networks.

Benefits to the User

  • Time Saving – Compared to standard FTP, the software is faster using different transfer methods, with the ability to transfer in UDP. Batch encoding and sending of multiple files make the software very efficient to send media
  • Improved Quality – Using the H.265 codec instead of the widely used H.264 means that certain improvements in compression and encoding media is significantly improved
  • A simple interface and layout makes the software easy to use
  • Reduced Costs – Savings on transmission costs to the user by efficiency and higher comparable quality on equivalent bandwidths
  • Management and Control – The Quicklink Broadcast Manager Software at the Playout Server enables full management for the play out, scheduling and archiving criteria of the media

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