Studio-grade multiple Skype calls





· up to 4 incoming calls

· 1 switchable SDI Input/Output

· i7 processor


· 4 incoming calls

· 4 SDI Input/Output

· i7 processor

The integration of high quality live Skype video calls for entertainment shows, radio and other live video conferencing events has never been easier. The Quicklink TX designed in partnership with Microsoft is a video call management system. It enables professional reception and transmission of multiple Skype video calls through an SDI and HDMI interface. As the Quicklink TX can receive from and send to any video-enabled device running Skype, this provides broadcasters unrivalled access to millions of Skype users.


“We’re proud of our work with Quicklink to offer this flexible, scalable and cost effective solution that minimizes the control room footprint to broadcasters.” Eugene Ho, Partner Director of Product Management for Skype

Why Choose The Quicklink TX?

The inclusion of the Quicklink TX transceiver to your workflow is a cost effective option. It ensures the broadcasting of optimal quality Skype video calls in a fully controlled manner.


  • Be first on the scene to broadcast the latest breaking news. Create authentic content with real-time access to contributors
  • Connect with multiple remote Skype users, anywhere, anytime
  • Reach Skype users on any video-enable device

Cost Effective

  • Free Skype TX controller software download
  • Global live contributor reach event for small production companies
  • Reduced need for complex cabling
  • No need for extra equipment thanks to the automatic aspect ratio conversion and balanced audio
  • No need for satellite trucks and associated hardware


  • Flexible integration into established workflows with SDI and HDMI input/output
  • Simple central control and management of multiple calls with Skype TX controller
  • Technical data from the calls optimise both calls quality and user experience
  • Professional solution which does not compromise the video and audio call quality
  • Automatic fall back to a still image if the video quality drops below a certain threshold and switches back to video once the network conditions improve

Skype TX controller

The Skype TX controller software enables broadcasters and content producers to manage multiple Quicklink TX units from a single user interface. The Skype TX controller now includes live video previews, remote setting controls and integration with Skype contacts.

Find Skype contacts and start calls easily

By searching the  Skype directory you can add Skype users to your shared contacts so you are ready to place calls on any one of your TX units. You can see the callers and add them as favourite when they are regular contributors.

Every tool you need to manage and monitor your calls

  • The mini-video preview features let you compare all your live calls side  by side
  • The live inbound and outbound call quality indicator helps to monitor audio and video signals
  • The caller snapshot function can be shown automatically if the call quality falls below a pre-set level.
  • Manage multiple calls/units from one interface.

The Quicklink TX Workflow Applications

The Quicklink TX can be used to both send and receive Skype calls within various workflows depending on your requirements.

Multi Quad diagram v4

Talk shows: Skype users sending to the Quicklink TX

Any Skype client using any video-enabled device can connect and send audio and video to The Quicklink TX. Users simply connect with their regular Skype account.

Remote Studios: The Quicklink TX sending to the Quicklink TX

The Quicklink TX unit can be used to both send and receive audio/video via the SDI or HDMI I/O. This is ideal if you have multiple production sites. By using two Quicklink TX you are able to have studio grade HD/SDI to HD/SDI 2-ways.

Conferences:  The Quicklink TX sending to a Skype client

Send a high quality professional stream to a Skype client for viewing on a laptop or monitor. You can share your screen back to the Skype client which is ideal when discussing important documents. The Quicklink TX even allows the addition of Tally or graphical information overlays on the return video back to the Skype caller.

Video and Audio over IP

Support for Video over IP including NDI™ to any other NDI™ enabled devices.

Quicklink and Audinate partnership allows users to integrate the Quicklink TX solution with inbuilt Audio over IP. Using the Dante™ solution ensures that users have optimal communication between Dante™ enabled devices and the Quicklink TX. The Quicklink TX also supports Livewire+™ conforming to the new AES67-2013 Interoperability Standard allowing AES67 devices to connect directly to the Quicklink TX.

The Quicklink Contributor: Post . Connect . Broadcast Live

Post a job. An event has occurred. You need images of the event, or someone to report from the scene. Simply post a job on the Contributor cloud by specifying it’s nature, location, radius and duration.

Connect with Skype users worldwide. The Quicklink Contributor App, once downloaded on any Skype enabled mobile device, will instantly notify contributors about newly posted jobs in their area. You can appoint contributors who have accepted a job. This is a geo-paging system rather than a tracking system. The system does not reveal any personal data nor location per session without approval by the contributors. Approval is granted each time a contributor accepts a new job.

Broadcast live. With the Quicklink TX, turn any smartphone and other portable Skype-enabled device into your first reporters. Your selected contributor will be “live to air” before any satellite truck or hardware solution appears on the scene.

Client Contributor Login  Contributor App for Android  Contributor App for iPhone

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· up to 4 incoming calls

· 1 switchable SDI Input/Output

· i7 processor


· 4 incoming calls

· 4 SDI Input/Output

· i7 processor