Sending live from any phone

Sending live from any phone

Capture that important event on the go by filming on any phone and sending your Live footage to the Web to SDI software.
Using the Quicklink Web to SDI software you can select and capture your Live footage on any Live video capturing website like Qik or Ustream to your Quicklink Playout Server with SDI connection.

Product Overview

Capture live video using the Web to SDI software: When you to stream from your phone, transmit to any online video sharing website, the Web to SDI software allows you to capture any footage and send it to your playout server.

Over 500 makes of mobile supported: The software supports many consumer types of mobile phone and is always updated to receive the current models.

No ongoing subscription costs: The software requires a one off fee to purchase. There are no monthly or yearly commitments to make.

Use simple point and click to capture your video stream at 25 fps to 30 fps: You can preview it directly to the Quicklink Window Capture or send it directly to the SDI card. When viewing live or recorded video on the web, you can transfer to PAL or NTSC and even crop the screen to suit any occasion.

Stream to broadcast standard SDI to the Quicklink Playout Server: Stream to your Quicklink Playout Server where you can convert it to an SDI, HDMI or use the Talkback output.

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Sending Live Video from any phone

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