Available in both Single and Quad Output

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The Quicklink Standard and Standard Quad Playout Servers are a 19″ format system, with a solid state drive. These have been introduced by Quicklink to compliment the larger Enterprise Playout Server options where raided drives, multiprocessor capacity are not required.

The Quicklink Standard and Quad Playout Server uses enhanced H.264/H.265 formatting and works seamlessly with the full range of existing Quicklink systems and solutions. For those that require an end to end live broadcast solution, Quicklink have also introduced the new Quicklink 1U encoders which have the same footprint size.

Product Highlights

  • Cost effective
  • Compact
  • SDI professional broadcast quality
  • Supports multiple incoming streams
  • FEC control of bonding solutions
  • Remote client data rate control
  • Automatic and manual receiver mode
  • Ultra low latency option from 75 MS (IFB)
  • Advanced error concealment
  • Quiet desktop operation

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Why Choose the Quicklink Playout Server?

The inclusion of the Quicklink Server to your workflow is a cost effective option. It ensures the broadcasting of optimal quality transmissions in a fully controlled manner.

Cost effective:  The competitively priced Playout Server outperforms other decoding solutions that are available on the market and works effectively when used with other Quicklink products to produce an effective solution.

Receives live H.264/H.265 transmissions: The Playout Server uses enhanced H.264/H.265 formatting and works seamlessly with the full range of existing Quicklink systems and bonded solutions. For those that require and end to end live broadcast solution, Quicklink also provide the 1U Encoder which has the same footprint size.

Compact and short length 1U: The rack mounted Playout Server is configured for SNG trucks and fixed installations, allowing journalists to enjoy the benefits of live news gathering broadcasting in various locations.

10 bit SDI video output: Depending on your selected Quicklink Playout Server you can transfer your media into a variety of outputs available.

Remote client data rate control: Adjust and cap the data rate that your allowance will allowreceiving from the server. Quicklink gives you remote access to control the server from anywhere.


Quicklink Media Manager (QMM)

Powered by Wowza Streaming Engine™, QMM allows the distribution of up to 15 incoming live feeds to multiple end points from one central interface. The source of the stream can come from an iPhone, Quicklink Mac and Windows Software and any Quicklink bonded live hardware encoder.

The streaming can be automated with the Auto Playout option for an even quicker video distribution. QMM is available as a cloud based service or can be hosted on the Quicklink Quad or Enterprise Playout Sever.

The Quicklink Standard and Standard Quad Playout Servers Workflow Applications


Technical Information

Standard Playout Server SDI Standard Playout Server Standard Duo Playout Server Standard Quad Playout Server Enterprise Playout Server Enterprise Quad 2 Playout Server
Multiple SD/HD incoming streams 1 1 2 4 4 4-8
10-bit SD/HD-SDI Video and SDI Embedded Audio Output 1 1 2 4 1 4
HDMI Video and Audio Output 1 1
Analog Video Output 1 4* 1 8*
AES/EBU Audio Output 1 4* 1 8*
Talkback- 3.5mm jack
Talkback - Balanced XLR input
NDI™ Video over IP.
Dante/Livewire+ AES67 Audio over IP Support**
Genlock/Sync Reference Input
4K Upscaling
High Availability - Redundant hardware, server monitoring and alert system
Hardware Unit Height 1U 1U 1U 1U 2U 2U
Size: 480mm (W) x 44mm (H) x 250mm (D)
Size: 480mm (W) x 88mm (H) x 570mm (D)

* Additional Hardware Required

** Additional Software Required

Subject to change without notice

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