High quality, ultra low latency video and audio contributions

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The Studio Server will allow you to send video and audio to a web browser and return audio and video or audio only in real time, full duplex with ultra low delay. The return feed from a web browser or Studio in a Box can be received at the studio Server for output via SDI or NDI.

Product Highlights

  • Two-way audio and video
  • Ultra low-delay
  • Globally optimised low latency network backbone
  • Cloud advanced firewall punch-through with automatic fall back to Quicklink Relay Services
  • Full duplex audio
  • HD video browser-based client
  • Supports Balanced XLR analogue, AES digital or AES67*

*Additional Hardware Required

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Main uses of the Studio Server


 Ad hoc ultra-low delay video/audio contributions from any device using a web browser


Easily share high quality return video to a remote user


Integrate ultra-low delay audio commentary into your workflow

Studio Server for Mobile and Tablet


Contribute live video and audio or audio only directly from your iOS or Android device. The Quicklink Remote Communicator app allows you to send and receive high quality live streams to the Quicklink Manager.

  • Configure bitrate and resolution of streams
  • Chat live with administrators
  • Record, store and send content


Download the app on iOS

*Use with Google Chrome on Android devices


Studio Server Workflow Applications


Technical Information

Quicklink Hardware Specifications
Studio Server - Single Studio Server - Duo
10-bit SD/HD-SDI Video Input/Output 1 4
HDMI Video and Audio Input/Output
Analog Video Input/Output
XLR, Analogue audio Input/Output 1-4*
AES/EBU Audio Input/Output 1-4*
Talkback - Balanced XLR input
NDI™ Video over IP. Dante/ Livewire+ AES67 Audio over IP Support ✓** ✓**
Genlock/Sync Reference input
High Availability - Redundant hardware, server monitoring and alert system ✓*

* Additional Hardware Required

** Additional Software Required

Subject to change without notice

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