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The Quicklink Team have developed a best-in-class encoding software with H.264 and HEVC ready codec technology to help you deliver high-quality live video over IP streams. It supports professional SD/HD SDI, HDMI and analogue inputs. The software’s high performance bonding algorithm aggregates multiple available satellite and IP-based networks. It maximizes your rate of transmission so you can create memorable live broadcasting moments.

Product Highlights

  • Advanced H.264 coding and optional free HEVC/H.265 trial
  • Bonds multiple available internet connections to increase network bandwidth speed
  • Optimised for BGAN HDR connection, activation and control
  • Automatic detection of connection adapters and sources
  • Automatic format detection
  • Simple automatic transmission with the Auto-Transmit option
  • Optimised transmission modes to achieve the best possible qualityAutomatic network connection speed checks and adjustment
  • Automatic packet loss protection to compensate for network losses and optimise the transmission quality
  • CPU real-time status information display with automatic adjustments when CPU usage is high
  • Automatic re-sync to compensate for network errors
  • Resilient point-to-point transmission with synchronised audio
  • Multi-point to multi-point streaming to a Quicklink Media Manager (QMM) equipped playout server
  • Inbuilt optional GPS functionality to communicate your device geo-location
  • Return audio status indicator

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What Makes the Windows Bonded Live So Special?

Consistent outstanding video quality even with low bandwidth:
Windows Bonded Live produces superb video quality over a wide range of network connections from 176Kbps upwards. Our advanced H.264 / H.265 coding formats, combined with optimised transmission modes, and packet loss protection functionality, delivers an outstanding viewer experience every time.

Reliable and stable connection with Quicklink’s advanced bonding algorithm
The Quicklink bonding technology automatically identifies and combines an unlimited number of IP connections in your surroundings to increase your network bandwidth speed. This guarantees a more reliable connection, for an improved quality video/audio transmission.

Portable plug and play live encoding software
The software boasts a simple and intuitive user interface. Set-up may be defaulted for straightforward “plug and play” live broadcasting.

High degree of automatisation to make your life easier
The encoding software automatically detects the connection adapters, sources and formats. Dynamic network speed checks and packet loss protection offer additional levels of automatisation.

Ultra-low latency live video transmissions
Achieve ultra-low latency (75ms plus network delay) with the optimised transmission mode ideally suited for live interviews.

Optimised for satellite transmission
The software is fully tested on the VSAT and Ka-band network and has been certified for use over BGAN and BGAN HDR Inmarsat services.

Inmarsat Certified

As part of Inmarsat’s Certified Application Partner (CAP) programme, the Quicklink Bonded Live has been certified for use over the Inmarsat BGAN Network.

The Quicklink Bonded Live Workflow Application

Completing the Solution

To complete the solution, Quicklink offers a Standard or Enterprise Playout Server for high quality live video over IP transmission. The Enterprise Server is a high performance video distribution platform for both live and recorded video content management.

Hardware Platform

  • Tested on Windows 8.1 and 10 on PC or laptop
  • The software is available on our range of live encoders which includes the Quicklink Midi Backpack, the Quicklink Mini camera mounted and 1U rack mounted encoder.


Capture Solutions for USB3.0 and ThunderboltTM computers

The Quicklink Windows Bonded Live software supports SD/HD SDI, HDMI and analogue cameras. To capture these sources, we recommend the use of the following Blackmagic USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt converters.

UltraStudio Mini Recorder

  • Ultra small pocket sized
  • Thunderbolt powered recording from SDI and HDMI

UltraStudio Express

  • Thunderbolt powered capture and playback with SDI, HDMI, analog, with pro and consumer cables.

UltraStudio SDI

  • USB 3.0 powered capture and playback in SD/HD-SDI and HDMI playback

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