Tune the system to your precise broadcast needs for store and forward transmission

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Windows Store and Forward software

The Quicklink Store & Forward solution is a simple to use Windows based system which has been optimised to be used both whilst at home, in the bureau or in a remote location. It has been field proven with over 10 years of continuous development.

The easy to follow parameter settings enable journalists and other content providers to tune the system to their precise broadcast needs for store and forward transmission. Parameter settings enable users to take account of the content type and to optimise the compression ratio to achieve the requisite broadcast quality given the available local network connectivity.

Quicklink’s Store & Forward Software allows customers complete flexibility in their choice of hardware and includes a simple DV capture facility.

This SD/HD software utilises the industries most advanced H.264 codec capable of delivering highly compressed network efficient files which produce unsurpassed interlaced picture quality for transmissions.

Product Highlights

  • Optimised transfer for high latency Satellite networks providing higher throughput and savings on transmission costs
  • Enhanced send option of UDP, HTTP and up to 7 Parallel FTP
  • Batch encoding and sending of multiple files
  • Simple DV capture for real-time live or recorded capture facility
  • Customised company setting profiles available
  • Integrated workflow with industry standard editing solutions

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Why Choose The Quicklink Software Windows Store and Forward?

More Efficient than FTP: Over 30% more efficient than standard FTP: Compared to standard FTP, the software is faster using different transfer methods, with the ability to transfer in UDP. Using multiple encoding rates and the ability to add meta data to the clips from the sender make’s it the solution of choice for the broadcaster.

“File resume” for no loss in transfer and play-out of incoming /incomplete files: In the event of the network connection being lost the system will automatically reconnect and pick up the transfer from where it left off, if unable to reconnect through the selected option the system will automatically fallback to HTTP send.

Send files to a Quicklink Playout server or to the cloud: To compliment the Quicklink Store & Forward software, Quicklink offer the Enterprise Playout Server which incorporates the Quicklink WBBM. The Web Based Broadcast Manager Software at the Playout Server enables full management of the play out, scheduling and archiving criteria of the media.

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