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The Quicklink Mac Live Software has been benchmarked in the market and is consistently evaluated as the Mac solution that provides the highest quality video and audio output even at the lowest bitrates. The Mac Live software enables users to cost-effectively transmit live video over IP by capturing quality content using a MacBook and professional camera. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

Download a free trial for the Quicklink Mac Live Software

Upon downloading the Trial Version, please make sure you have a Playout Server in order to receive media.

If you don’t have a Mac, why not try the Free Windows Live Software Trial instead?

Download the Mac Live Trial Guide


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“The Quicklink Mac Live solution has opened up a whole new avenue for us, revolutionizing live news broadcast as we know it.” Bobby Nelson Director of Photography, BNN Media Group

Key Features

  • Portable Live Encoding Software: The software boasts a simple user interface, for fast setup and go.
  • Transmit live video from any remote location: Simply transmit over WiFi, ADSL, Fibre, 3G, 4G or Satellite the Quicklink server or QMM for broadcast quality transmission with low latency IFB delay 75 ms plus network.
  • Optimised for satellite transmission: Quicklink innovation allows you to purchase asymmetrical streaming, the most economical airtime/satellite time offering of service providers, while ensuring the same high quality video/audio transmission. The Mac Live incorporates the latest mode technology for 384 kbps uplink/32 kbps downlink connections to facilitate this benefit.
  • Easy to use and reliable: A simple interface and layout makes the software easy to use. All connections and set up may be defaulted, in which case the operation is as simple as ensuring that the camera and network connections are in place and clicking on the “transmit” button.
  • Outstanding quality even with low bandwidth: Mac Live produces superb picture quality over a wide range of network connections from 176Kbps upwards. Our advanced H.264 codec with adjustable error resilient transmission and error recovery capabilities, provide outstanding visual results under conditions of packet loss over poor quality communication circuits. The Mac Live incorporates a new superior codec which supports SD, HD when using Thunderbolt and USB3 interfaces.


The Quicklink Software LNG Mac Live: Quick Guide

This quick guide shows you how to download the software, setup send live video.
New additions such as adaptive mode, resilient mode and the UI colour mode will also be discussed.

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The Marathon des Sables – a gruelling, 256km, 6 day race in the south-Moroccan desert – has recently been completed by the British 71 year old, Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Dubbed the ‘the toughest footrace on Earth’ the adventurer had to overcome 50 degree heat, miles of sand dunes, strong winds and back and heart problems in order to complete the challenge. This was all in aid of the charity Marie Curie; who provide care and support to people living with a terminal illness. Fieldcraft Studios took up the task to film live media segments of the race to be broadcast back to the UK. With the blistering heat, sending live media back to base from the remote Sahara whilst maintaining a professional broadcast was always going to be difficult without the right equipment.
Quicklink donated the Mac Live software to Fieldcraft Studios to help send the live broadcasts back to base. Liz Scarff from Fieldcraft Studios reveals why they chose the Quicklink Live:

“We needed a reliable, easy to use piece of software that would enable us to produce numerous high-quality live broadcasts for the BBC and other major broadcasters”

The Quicklink Software LNG Mac Live is capable of producing superb picture quality from its Adaptive Mode; which automatically sets the bitrate depending on the bandwidth and Resilient Mode; which allows you to adjust the error correction before broadcast. Ideal for the journalist always on the move and needing the flexibility and ease of use, the Quicklink Mac Live delivers unsurpassed picture quality due to its H.264 codec enhancement when using Thunderbolt.

“We took an SDI 1080 50i output from the Canon C300 into a Black Magic ultra-studio mini recorder via thunderbolt into the Mac Book Pro which was then encoded with the Quicklink Mac Live software.”

Fieldcraft Studios used the Mac Live over the 6 day period in the Sahara. The software produced excellent results according to Liz Scarff,

“We were working in extreme conditions to produce the Live Broadcasts from the Sahara Desert with Sir Ranulph Fiennes and using QuickLink Live made the job easy. It really was a click and connect experience.”

The Quicklink software LNG Mac and Windows Live is available as a free trial from the Quicklink website.

Download the Mac and Windows Live

About Fieldcraft Studios

Fieldcraft Studios are a strategic digital consultancy company comprising of storytelling, social media, PR and technology. Fieldcraft Studios run creative campaigns for their clients that generate media and drive global social conversations. Working with SIr Ranulph Fiennes in the Sahara included producing live broadcasts for BBC Breakfast, producing video and photography content, putting in place media partnerships and creating and running a social media strategy.
People can still donate to Sir Ranulph’s challenge by visiting or by texting RUN to 70007 to donate £5 plus a message of support to Sir Ranulph.
For more information on Sir Ranulph’s challenge visit

Donate to Marie Curie

FAQ Quicklink Software LNG Live (Mac/Windows)

1. Is it easy to install and use?

Yes they are easy to install and use. It is a short installation, and you are not required to change any parameters.  Once you have configured your destination and selected your video source you can press play. You will be shown a preview window which allows you to view the video that you are sending.

2. How is it optimised for satellite transmission?

There have been specific profiles created that match the parameters of particular satellite networks. 256kbps/384 kbps profiles for Thuraya or BGAN and now the new profiles for the BGAN HDR.

3. Can there be more than 1 user per licence?

An LNG licence is per computer unless sharing.

4. What if I want to send a Mac Live transmission but I don’t know my network speed?

The Quicklink Mac Live Software automatically sets the bitrate depending on the available bandwidth. If needed, the software also automatically applies resilient mode so that error correction can be applied.

5. What if I want to send a Mac Live transmission on an unstable network connection with packet loss?

Is this scenario, the Resilient Mode on the Quicklink Mac Live Software applies Forward Error Correction Settings on a known network speed.

6. What is the best profile to use on a guaranteed clean network ?

Quicklink has optimised fixed profiles on these networks including new optimised BGAN HDR profiles.

7. Can I have a combined Store & Forward/Live package?

Our installer for windows will install both Live and Store & Forward but you will need separate licences. For Mac it is a separate download and licence. You can purchase a Windows or Mac Store & Forward and Live licence package together.

8. Quicklink supports asymmetrical streaming, what is this?

Asymmetrical streaming is a cost effective airtime package that can be purchased from your satellite provider. Asymmetric streaming is a different upload/download rate for example is 256 kbps up/16 kbps down. Quicklink products are optimised for the maximum quality on these lower bandwidth rates. This allows you to make use of these lower price services without compromising quality.

9. What are the benefits of using the software rather than the hardware solution?

Ease of deployment: if a journalist is in the field you can download the software directly to your laptop/MacBook. Portability: Pop your laptop/MacBook  into your bag, deploy it quickly and start sending a transmission. Cost Effective: using your existing laptop/MacBook hardware ensures that costs are kept to a minimum.

Optional Accessories for the Mac Live


Compatible with Decklink UltraStudio Express and Mini models for SDI, HDMI and analogue inputs to the Thunderbolt connection on your Mac. The perfect companion to the Quicklink Mac Live LNG software.


UltraStudio Mini Recorder Ultra small pocket sized Thunderbolt powered recording from SDI and HDMI. £99
UltraStudio Express Thunderbolt powered capture and playback save with SDI, HDMI, analogue, with pro and consumer cables. £325

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