The Quicklink Software Mac Store and Forward

The Quicklink Software Mac S&F solution is a simple to use system which has been optimised to be used both whilst at home in the bureau or on location. The software can handle 1080i/50, 1080i/60 and 720p HD inputs and works seamlessly with your editing packages such as Avid Media Composer. Settings are held within profiles that can be imported and exported quickly and easily . The resume facility ensures that vital minutes are not lost if your connection is interrupted. Whilst, the option to purchase the new enhanced version of the Store & Forward extends your choice of sending method to send your file via HTTP, UDP, SFTP or up to 7 parallel FTP.


“During February of 2012 at AFCON we managed to send 270 HD stories from Equatorial Guinea and Gabon to South Africa using our hotel internet. The total saving for the broadcaster was 2 Million GBP in Satellite costs. We currently have quicklink systems in Kenya, Nigeria, Angola, Zambia and South Africa.”

Russell Belter

CEO WildCam International


 Key Features

  • Now Supports option to encode with H265 profiles: The same quality can be achieved with half the file size or nearly twice the quality can be achieved with the same file size. This results in faster file transmission.
  • An efficient way to send recorded files: Optimised transfer for high latency Satellite networks providing higher throughput and savings on transmission costs. Batch encoding and sending of multiple files make the software very efficient to send media.
  • Over 30% more efficient than standard FTP: Compared to standard FTP, the software is faster using different transfer methods, with the ability to transfer in UDP. Using multiple encoding rates and the ability to add details to the clips from the sender make it more than efficient for the broadcaster.
  • Performance increase with X.264 Codec in HD: Using the X.264 codec instead of the widely used H.264 means that certain improvements in compression  and encoding media is significantly improved.
  • “File resume” for no loss in transfer and play-out of incoming /incomplete files: In the event of the network connection being lost the system will automatically reconnect and pick up the transfer from where it left off, if unable to reconnect through the selected option the system will automatically fallback to HTTP send.
  • Send files to a Quicklink play-out server or to the cloud: To complement the Quicklink Store & Forward software, Quicklink offers the Standard Definition or High Definition Playout Server which incorporates the Quicklink Broadcast Manager software. The Broadcast Manager Software at the Playout Server enables full management for the play out, scheduling and archiving criteria of the media.


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Quicklink Software Store & Forward FAQ

1. What is Quicklink Software Store & Forward?

The Quicklink Software Store & Forward allows you to transfer pre-recorded video clips to a Quicklink Playout Server. You can record clips using Store & Forward for later transmission or transfer rushes or edited clips that you have.


2. Can I send batch files? How is this done?

You can send a group/batch of files. You need to create a job and queue the files to be encoded and sent at the same time.


3. What happens if the network connection is lost during sending?

The software will keep on attempting to send the data. Partial data will be transferred. If you lose connectivity completely, the system will automatically reconnect and pick up the transfer from where it stopped. There is no effect on video quality.


4. How is this more efficient than standard FTP?

Compared to standard FTP, the software is faster using different transfer methods with the ability to transfer in UDP.(User Datagram Protocol)


5. Can I combine Store & Forward with a live Package?

Our installer for windows will install both Live and Store & Forward but you will need separate licences. For the Mac it is a separate download and licence. You can purchase a Windows or Mac Store & Forward licence package together.


6. Do you have to send to a Quicklink Server?

The Quicklink Software Store & Forward transmits to a Quicklink Enterprise Server. Additionally , the Windows software can transmit to the cloud (Quicklink News Warehouse)