As video technology evolves, universities and colleges must stay competitive and relevant embracing quality communication solutions. Quicklink is revolutionising the way education establishments incorporate Skype video with complete solutions that incorporate live two way HD quality video.


The Quicklink TX is a powerful complete solution for your live video requirements

The Quicklink TX allows you to create high quality, low latency, two way HD Skype interactive broadcast-ready video content. Ideally suited for those universities who wish to create programming or develop remote classrooms.

The Quicklink TX also allows you to capture your desktop so that images, videos and presentations can be included within your live broadcast. The Skype video/audio can be easily recorded for on demand editable content.

The Quicklink TX can be utilised in the following ways;


Regular Skype client sending two way HD video to a Quicklink TX

Perfect for guest professors from across the globe appearing in auditoriums. The guest professor uses their Skype from any enabled device. The auditorium can output the video/audio as SDI, HDMI or over IP.

This is also useful for connecting specialists in headquarters to instruct remote learners. Full HD Skype video is returned to the remote Skype client.

Quicklink TX sending two way HD video to another Quicklink TX

Ideal for sharing two way full HD Skype broadcast quality video between two fixed locations. Each Quicklink TX Multi can output the return video to HDMI/SDI or NDI

Screen capture allows the sharing of desktop data and documents. Whilst the record feature allows you to capture all the SDI/HDMI incomming content in full HD quality. The recorded content can be saved on an external disk, network drive or even integrated to a cloud storage solution.