Quicklink have over 13 years experience being the leading global provider for cost effective, high quality broadcast solutions for news and election coverage. Our solutions offer the best in class for achieving superb video and audio quality even from slow internet connections. Optimisation of available bandwidth means that outstanding results can be achieved from a variety of connections such as Wi-Fi or cellular networks.


The Quicklink Midi backpack is a portable encoding device that can be used to transmit high quality/low latency video from remote locations to a master control room (MCR). The backpack optimises video/quality from any number of internet connections by adapting according to real-time network requirements.

Other Quicklink encoders include software only options as well as a 1U Encoder which is ideally suited for rack mounting within an SNG or ENG vehicle.

The Quicklink encoders can transmit to single or multiple locations, where the video is played out as SDI or output as a RTSP stream to the web.