In 2014, Skype accounted for 40% of international calls and the number is continuing to grow. It is now very easy for the typical audience member to place a video call with HD quality. Which in many cases, can be done from the smart phone you already carry in your pocket.

And it’s not just getting easier for the audience.  The Quicklink Multi TX makes it very easy for content producers to include Skype feeds directly into their programs.


Directly engage with your audience and deepen engagement

The Quicklink TX Multi Xstream is ideally suited for receiving up to 8 multiple Skype callers into your production workflow. Live video participants can seamlessly integrate with a low latency high quality video.

To ensure the security, resilience, performance and uptime that broadcasters in a high profile live event require, the TX Multi Xstream has high availability as standard. Stakes are high in terms of maintaining operational efficiency without jeopardizing service uptime.


In this example, there are eight contestants calling in by Skype. The game show studio select four callers to participate who connect seamlessly with the presenter.

Colour correction functionality can be used to correct poor lighting conditions received from Skype calls outside the controlled studio environment. Whilst the tally notification is ideal for indicating on-air status to the remote caller.

SDI input to the Quicklink TX can be recorded in HD and saved on an external disk, network drive or even integrated to a cloud storage solution.