For sports broadcasters, commentary is a key element to the success of the end production, there is also a requirement for this commentary to be available in multiple languages. Quicklink has a reliable, cost effective system to allow remote commentary from any location. Available as onsite Hardware or a managed Cloud option allowing you to scale to your needs.


The Quicklink Remote Commentary Solution can be utilised in the following ways; 


Add Audio Commentary from a location outside of the Broadcast Studio or even internally

Use the Remote Commentary Solution to incorporate low latency audio commentary within each sports event. The remote commentator can view HD quality video in a standard web browser from any internet location whilst sending real time audio commentary back to the Studio. At the studio the commentary and the main feed can be mixed together to create a program output without any additional hardware or software.

The Remote Commentary Solution has single or multiple channel hardware options as well as a fully scalable Cloud option.

The Remote Commentary Solution empowers broadcasters to decentralize productions, reducing cost and increasing productivity.


The Quicklink Remote Commentary Solution for ultra-low delay, remote live audio commentary

  • Ultra low-delay
  • 48 kHz audio sampling rate
  • Cloud Advanced firewall punch through with automatic fall back to Quicklink relay services
  • Excellent performance on heavy lossy networks
  • Cloud or on-site solution that can be API controlled
  • Option of AES67 and MPEG-TS inputs/outputs as well as the traditional SDI
  • Browser-based client – no software install
  • Full-duplex Audio
  • Configurable audio quality from Voice to full Concert hall