Live News Gathering

Getting live news reports to viewers can be a logistical and technical challenge. News happens anywhere at anytime so flexibility, reliability, and ease-of-use is critical in Live News Gathering applications.

The Quicklink Midi Backpack

As a journalist you can plug your SDI or Firewire camera directly into the Midi Backpack encoder which can bond dynamically up to 8 SIMS from different providers allowing maximum throughput. Live Streams can play out directly via SDI or ingested into your broadcast matrix. IFB talkback comes as a standard feature.

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iPhone App

The Quicklink iPhone App is downloadable free from the Apple Store and allows superior quality full frame 25 or 30 fps transmissions with IFB talkback as standard. Special broadcast customised features such as light control on your shoot makes this a simple, small and easy tool for first on the scene reporters. The iPhone utilises WiFi or 3G connectivity, however WiFi to a mobile satellite can also be used.

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Web to SDI Software

Any journalist streaming live video from their mobile can send to any web streaming site such as YouTube. Broadcasters can use Quicklink’s Web to SDI application to play out the live streams to SDI. Over 500 makes of mobile phones supported and there is no need to download any special application, just use your favourite application or the default technology on your phone. High speed streaming of 330 Kb/s at 25 & 30fps can be achieved. No ongoing subscription costs, free to use after purchase of Web to SDI software on a Quicklink playout server such as the Quicklink Standard Playout Server.

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