Sports and Events

For sports broadcasters, capturing high quality action at live games or events and transmitting it to viewers can be a logistical and technical challenge. Many teams and stations already take advantage of the innovative technology, Quicklink offers for sports broadcasting especially when they need high quality live broadcasting results. Providing reliable, cost effective software and hardware while still maximising quality to the receiving HQ, our solutions show you how this can be done.


The QMM is a web based media manager which takes in multiple inputs from any Quicklink encoders. The QMM further enhances our cutting-edge streaming technology by offering up to 4 SDI outputs. The Quicklink Media Manager can also be offered by Quicklink as a managed hosted service. This service is ideal for customers who wish to keep their initial outlay costs low but require the flexibility to receive live streams from any location and wish to output these simultaneously to a web location.

Live Streaming Media Management. (Click image to enlarge)