Can I use Quicklink Encoders with third party playout servers?

Streams from Quicklink encoders can only be sent to a Quicklink Playout Server and the Cloud based Quicklink Media Manager.

Do you offer Rental and Purchase equipment?

Quicklink primarily offer purchase equipment, however, we will consider rental options and this will be calculated on an individual basis dependent upon the length of time and equipment required.

How long should I keep my hardware before I should think of upgrading it?

As technology is always changing, providing you have a valid support contract, we will upgrade the software as and when it is available.
However, after three years we would suggest upgrading the hardware as we could not guarantee that the software upgrades after this time would be compatible with all of the hardware components.


Do you have resellers in all countries?

We have many resellers in various parts of the world. Please contact us directly for further reseller information.

Do you ship globally or only to certain countries?

Yes, Quicklink provide equipment globally and will ship all around the world. Quicklink shipping costs, Duties and Taxes will be payable dependant on the country being shipped to.

What is the cost of shipping?

This will depend on the equipment being sent. Please contact Quicklink for an approximate quotation.