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The Quicklink TX – Pittard use the simplest way to broadcast professional live interviews

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Pittard is Australia’s leading real estate training and development organisation, specialising in real estate courses and seminars. They have been using the Quicklink TX Skype call transceiver for live interviews to broadcast on Pittard TV. The station is an online broadcast network for real estate professionals in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Pittard’s studio set-up is very simple: a presenter in front of a green screen, with broadcast microphones, a professional video camera, connected to a teleprompter. The video and audio from the studio camera and the Quicklink TX are sent to their production switcher.

Pittard use the Skype video call management system to send and receive professional Skype calls through an SDI/HDMI interface. The unit installation in their studio was straightforward and allowed them to immediately call Skype interviewees. The Quicklink TX also has the added advantage of being ultra-quiet which allows Pittard to carry out their interviews in the same studio without audio disruption.


Gary Pittard, Director of the company explains:

“The result of the live Skype transmission was very intuitive and easy to use. It has also made our production workflow a lot faster.”

“Everyone should know that Quicklink is extremely pleasant to deal with. The sales team were very prompt providing a lot of useful information. The more I deal with Quicklink the more I feel justified in recommending others to buy the Quicklink TX.”

The Pittard Training Group will now use the Quicklink TX for all live interviews in the future which are open to all members on their iTrain portal within Pittard TV.

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