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Three-way live group discussions on Manoto TV with the Quicklink TX

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Manoto TV, a Persian language TV channel broadcasting from the UK to Iran is run by the Marjan Television Company. Manoto TV is a commercial TV channel, consisting of acquired programming such as Downtown Abbey, Heroes, and in-house production like The One Show.

The channel integrated in their workflow two Quicklink TX transceivers for live news broadcasting and a daily magazine show. Operations Director Robert Le Merle explains;

“We were looking for a live video over IP management system and the Quicklink TX came at the right price. We wanted a professional broadcast Skype box that enabled us to split the audio and video as well as allow us to bring it on our talkback system.”

Manoto TV have been using two Quicklink TX’s with the Skype TX controller software to conduct three-way group conversations: The contributors can both talk to each other and to the presenter. The studio is able to manage the units from a single software interface. This is important for the producers who are able to talk to the contributors beforehand without going to broadcast.

Manoto TV TX diagram

Manoto TV are looking forward to using the Quicklink TX in the future in order to obtain comments from Persian speaking contributors who live in other countries such as USA, Sweden and other ex-pat communities. Robert clarifies,

“When we are talking about daily events, news or entertainment we want to get people’s opinions very quickly and in an easy way for getting the talent and expertise into the show. The Quicklink TX helps us to achieve that.”

“The Quicklink TX is very robust, which is what you want when using a specialist piece of equipment,” concludes Robert. “It’s a cost effective machine that delivers on its promises.”

Quicklink TX at Manoto TV

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