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Skype TX honoured with an Emmy® Award for Technology & Engineering

Press Release

Skype TX, the technology behind the Quicklink TX has been honoured with an Emmy® Award for Technology & Engineering.

Thanks to this multi-platform solution, integrating studio-grade Skype calls into the production workflow requires less equipment and little setup time, reducing the overall cost and control room footprint. A Skype TX–powered appliance featuring industry standard inputs and outputs is all that’s needed to connect callers to the broadcast.

Skype TX has already been used by over 1,200 broadcasters internationally, including the BBC, CNN, ESPN, and Al Jazeera. That’s a significant share of the voice in the marketplace. We’ve reached 30 percent of top-tier broadcasters and delivered over 20-million minutes of high-quality Skype calls.

More than just industry technology, Skype TX also provides emerging platforms and live events an easy way to professionally manage Skype calls. With an interface that’s familiar to millions of users, this tool hands professionals a simple, turnkey solution. And it is incredibly exciting to see how it has democratized the way program makers, live streamers, and content creators worldwide facilitate real-time conversations—to create news reports, game shows, comedic sketches, and so much more. Anyone can connect, without professional production support, and we feel that’s a contribution to something meaningful.

The solution saves money by reducing travel requirements, reducing the need for additional crew and reducing the overall cost of contribution of content.  At the same it allows the broadcaster to engage with citizens, and to have immediate live event and opinion coverage.

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