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Quicklink TX allows McLean Bible Church to interview pastors and missionaries across the world

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McLean Bible Church, a non-denominational church located around Washington, D.C, is using the Quicklink TX to interview pastors and missionaries across the world. The Quicklink TX assists McLean Bible Church to preach, help motivate and bless the people on the gospel frontline.

The church averages 13,000 congregants every weekend across its multiple locations in Tysons VA, Arlington VA, Loudoun VA, Montgomery Country MD and Prince William VA.

McLean Bible Church have the Quicklink TX (Skype TX) installed in the broadcast room connected directly to a large SDI router. The feed is then shared across tielines into the main worship center. From there the feed is easily accessed by their video switcher and presentation switcher through the local room SDI router, this allows the team to pull up interviews or do full screen takeovers. Built into the control system are special presets and macros on the video switcher, which are all built into the control system, allowing McLean Bible Church to quickly bring up and frame the picture for the perfect shot.

“The Quicklink TX has been fantastic to use. It’s simple to use but allows for individual channel changes and custom configurations. It also integrates easily into our SDI workflow with the audio being embedded on the SDI outputs” said Tony Aiello, Director of AV Engineering and Production at McLean Bible Church.

McLean Bible Church plan to continue using the Quicklink TX for upcoming congregational meetings and for special events throughout the year.

Quicklink TX is also available as a compact and portable unit with inbuilt camera and lighting. The Quicklink TX Skype-in-a-box allows universities and corporations to connect to any global broadcaster in studio grade quality. For more information, see here.

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