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Microsoft Teams support in latest Quicklink TX (Skype TX)

Press Release

We are pleased to announce that Microsoft Teams is now supported in the latest version of Quicklink TX (Skype TX). With this compatibility it is now possible to integrate Microsoft Teams contributions in broadcast quality for talk shows, entertainment shows, radio and other live conferencing events.

Quicklink’s award-winning Quicklink TX, used by used by broadcasters and production companies globally is a call management system designed in partnership with Microsoft. The solution enables professional reception and transmission of multiple Skype video calls through an SDI and HDMI interface. However, with this interoperability, broadcasters are now able to reach unrivaled global access to millions of users through Microsoft Team’s 75 million daily active users, in addition to accessing millions of Skype users.

The Microsoft Teams interoperability now within the Quicklink TX has opened a whole new world of opportunities for professional quality broadcast productions. Integrating remote contributions through Microsoft Teams and Skype has never been easier. Broadcasters and content producers now have the ability to access even more contributions for talk shows, entertainment shows, radio and other live conferencing events.” said Richard Rees, CEO of Quicklink

The solution, powered by Skype TX, has been used by over 1,200 broadcasters internationally, including BBC, CNN, ESPN, and Al Jazeera.

For more information on the Microsoft Teams interoperability, please get in touch with Quicklink team here.

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