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J&B Company choose Quicklink Studio (ST55) to introduce high-quality guests for virtual, hybrid and in-person events

Customer Story

Nashville-based J&B Company, a production company with over 25 years of event production experience, have chosen the Quicklink Studio (ST55) solution to introduce high-quality remote guests for virtual, hybrid and in-person events.

J&B required a solution for gathering high-quality contributions from remote guests, and approached Quicklink after hearing glowing recommendations from another national production house.

In late 2020, we required a solution to get HD video and high-definition sound from national artists for live streaming events. Artists were confined to their own homes or studios due to travel restrictions. We needed an easy solution where our guests could log in, with our operators having a wide range of tools to achieve the quality we needed.” said Ethan Johnson, President & Co-Founder at J&B Company.

A key requirement for J&B Company was to have advanced remote control over their guests’ settings to enable the best-quality possible with the Quicklink Studio solution. In addition, J&B also utilise the Waiting Room feature within the Quicklink Studio (ST55) solution to return a program to waiting guests, allowing the upcoming presenters to listen and watch what is happening before going live.

Ethan added; “The Quicklink solution has helped us introduce everything from full bands to individual presenters within our productions. This includes a virtual college event where we introduced a band remotely from their location, branded the video and streamed live to over 5,000 students and staff. Quicklink Studio has always been great and has never let us down, and is 100 times better than anything I have seen or used for video and audio transmission

J&B Company have also used the Quicklink Studio (ST55) for introducing guests into corporate events where CEOs, medical professionals, and more are required to join remotely.

The Quicklink Studio (ST55) solution works within a simple web browser, with no apps or software installs required by the contributor. Contributors can be invited via SMS, WhatsApp, email or by generating a simple URL link. From the Quicklink Manager, an operator is able to remotely control and configure the contributor’s device camera, microphone and speaker settings.

Ethan explained the results experienced using Quicklink Studio; “I believe the result of using Quicklink is having happy clients. Our clients are sick of Zoom meetings and the low quality it provides. So, by improving virtual presenters to HD quality and having a better platform for them to call into, our clients are happy and excited to have a virtual event that is high-quality.”

In addition, utilising the recently released Carbon Calculator tool, the amount of CO2 emissions avoided by contributing using the Quicklink solutions is calculated and displayed for both the remote contributor and operators. Through intuitive reports, J&B Company and other Quicklink Studio users can track their carbon savings in a simple interface, compare benchmarks and identify important levers for reduction over time.

For more information on Quicklink ST55 click here, and for more information on the Quicklink Manager click here.

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