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Quicklink announces SMPTE ST 2110 support across product line

Press Release

Quicklink, providers of award-winning remote production solutions, have announced support for SMPTE ST 2110 within Quicklink ST250, Quicklink ST150, Quicklink Studio Servers (ST100, ST102, ST208, ST200), Quicklink Cre8 STS410, and Quicklink TX (Skype TX).

With this announcement, Quicklink’s broadcast-grade hardware supports direct uncompressed video inputs and outputs into 2110 IP-based workflows, conforming to the SMPTE ST2110 standard for IP video. SMPTE ST 2110 specifies the transport, synchronization and description of video, audio and ancillary data over managed IP networks for broadcast.

Since the very first announcement of SMPTE 2110 in 2017, we have been involved in a number of discussions surrounding IP-video and the adoption of ST 2110. This demand has been born out of the numerous benefits provided to broadcasters, production companies, sport organisations and corporates alike” said Richard Rees, CEO of Quicklink

Richard added; “We have closely listened to these requirements, and are now extremely excited to provide our customers with a solution that seamlessly fits into SMPTE 2110 facilities.

With the increasing demand for IP-video, the addition of ST 2110 further adds to Quicklink’s catalogue of impressive IP video production standards, which also includes NDI, SRT and Dante.

Quicklink’s high-quality, remote production solutions are trusted by some of the world’s leading brands, including BBC, Aljazeera, CNN, BT Sport, NEP, Microsoft, Bloomberg, CBS, Sky, and more!

You can discover more about Quicklink’s support for SMPTE ST 2110 on the Quicklink website, or by speaking to a Quicklink Sales representative.

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