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4 ways you can use AI to level up your productions


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been revolutionising the world in recent years in ways we wouldn’t have thought possible. The applications of AI are vast, and have the potential to transform the way productions are created and produced. With the latest ground-breaking features from NVIDIA’s Maxine now integrated into QuickLink StudioPro, these AI features offer unprecedented capabilities that can take your video production to the next level. Interested to see how AI can elevate your productions?

Here are four ways you can utilize NVIDIA’s AI filters within QuickLink StudioPro…

1. Eye Contact

First and foremost, one of the most impressive new features now possible through StudioPro is the eye contact simulation filter. This new feature completely revolutionizes remote guest contribution within productions by ensuring that your presenters, QuickLink StudioCall, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and any other remote guests or sources are always looking directly at the camera, even when looking away, looking at secondary monitors, or reading notes. Maintaining eye contact can be difficult, especially when wanting to reference notes, which can lead to a feeling of disconnect between themselves and the audience. Having your remote guests always looking directly at the camera also keeps your audience focused and engaged with the production, ultimately leading to a significantly more professional production.

2. Noise and Echo Cancellation

One of the aspects of remote guest contributions that often causes issues in productions is the background noise and echo that may be present with the guest’s audio feed. We’ve all experienced unwanted background noises, even when we try to eliminate these completely. Imagine a ringing mobile, car horns, traffic noises, dogs barking, doorbells, and even fire detector alarms. Unwanted background noises can be very distracting for viewers and even cause issues when it comes to hearing what the guest has to say, and the same goes for the echo that may be present depending on the environment in which the guest is speaking. Being unable to clearly hear what the guest is saying due to loud background noise can really interrupt the flow and professionalism of a production, and lead to a lack of focus from viewers. With the noise and echo cancellation filter within QuickLink StudioPro, this can be eliminated to help achieve clear and professional audio that is distraction-free.

3. Video Noise Removal

Excessive video noise can be hugely distracting for viewers and frustrating for the guests themselves. There are a variety of environmental factors that can lead to video noise, whether this is background light levels, reflections, or shadows – they can all cause issues with your video, (resolutions to some of these factors are detailed in the 8 tips for remote guest TV appearances Blog post). The Video Noise Removal filter within QuickLink StudioPro uses AI to analyse the video and identify and remove any noise or interferences, to produce a much clearer and sharper image for your audience. Allowing you to share high-quality and professional videos to impress your audience can dramatically help the engagement levels of the viewers, as they can focus on what you have to say and show without visual hindrances.

4. Auto Framing

Framing is an essential part of any production or remote contribution. Situating yourself centrally of the camera is one of the first things we do in these situations, however, movement or adjustments made throughout may cause the subject to be out of focus and off view. With QuickLink StudioPro you don’t have to worry about manually ensuring your guests are framed correctly at all times; the Auto Framing filter will automatically detect and track the subject’s real-time movement and adjust the framing as necessary in order to keep them centrally framed and focused at all times throughout their contribution. Always being front and center can keep your remote guests in the focus of your audience and keep them engaged, as well as resulting in a more polished and smooth production due to there being no need to manually adjust the framing or experiencing out-of-shot guests at any time.

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